American most colorful Hillbilly Band 1946-1951 (1)

1.George's Playhouse Boogie
2.Midnight Train
3.Shimmy Shakin' Daddy
4.Careless Driver
5.Move It On Over
6.Whoa Sailor
7.Milk Cow Blues
8.Mean and Wicked Boogie
9.Brown Eyes
10.Honky Tonkin'
11.Time nor Tide
12.I Want to Live and Love [see note]
13.Philadelphia Lawyer
14.Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
15.When I Lay My Burdens Down
16.Hangover Blues
17.Water Baby Boogie
18.Dark as the Dungeon
19.Mule Train
20.Oklahoma Sweetheart Sally Ann
21.Faded Love
22.New Step It Up and Go
23.(Pay Me) Alimony
24.I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
25.Your Love Light Never Shone
26.Meanest Man in Town
27.I Want to Live and Love


  1. Yes, I remember "El Diablo Tun Tun"

    One day, several years ago, Barrabas and I decided to share all the music we like in a blog. We called it El Diablo Tun Tun.
    But we closed it, and now I find this ... Someone has copy-paste all our posts... I don't mind, truly, but I'd like to have an explanation, because I don't understand anything... and I'd like to know who are you too, El Diablo (I'd think you were a fan of our blog)

    Regards, and forgive my English

  2. Thank you to the reposter of the El Diablo TunTun music. I used to follow the blog when it was active, but there were a few things I missed, and it is wonderful to get a second chance to hear them.
    Thank you also to Cocaleca and Barrabas, who did all the hard work on the original blog. It just shows how good a job you did that someone wants to revive it.

  3. Thanks for this excellent repost of the old blog, very nice to grab what I missed.

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  5. Is this all for the blog? Any more posts to come?

  6. Though I snatched up just about every glorious offering at El Diablo, it is still an absolute thrill to see these records re-posted here. All hail the creators of El Diablo Tun Tun and much appreciation for the creators of this shrine to the original greatness.

  7. A great Tribute excellent!

  8. Wonderful surprise (and, according to Barrabas' comments, quite a homage); kudos, and thanks: there's no stop loving this music. Thanks, man.

  9. please re-up!!!!!

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  11. All the links here are Megaupload. This once-lovely blog is now just Internet landfill...

  12. Please!!
    Re-up the links

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Thank you also to Cocaleca and Barrabas, who did all the hard work on the original blog. It just shows how good a job you did that someone wants to revive it.Cheap LOL Account

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  14. I wonder if you would ever consider re-upping this great collection. It has the potential to be a wonderful resource just when so many people are desperate for a link to the past. I was fortunate to hear some...but I'd love to examine many of these gems. At any rate, all the best!