Document Records: Georgia Stringbands 1927-1930 (Vol 1)

1. Where The Morning Glories Grow - Cofer Brothers
2. The Great Ship Went Down - Cofer Brothers
3. The All Go Hungry Hash House - Cofer Brothers
4. The Georgia Hobo - Cofer Brothers
5. Riley The Furniture Man - Georgia Crackers
6. The Coon From Tennessee - Georgia Crackers
7. The Georgia Black Bottom - Georgia Crackers
8. Diamond Joe - Georgia Crackers
9. I've Got A Gal In Baltimore - Georgia Crackers
10. Stockade Blues - Georgia Crackers
11. Chinese Rag - The Spooney Five
12. My Little Girl - The Spooney Five
13. Bob Murphy - Watkins Band
14. Gideon - Watkins Band
15. Little Girl, You Know I Love You - Watkins Band
16. Tom's Rag - Watkins Band
17. Wimbush Rag - Theo. & Gus Clark
18. Barrow County Stomp - Theo. & Gus Clark
19. Becaused He Loved Her So - Cofer Brothers
20. Keno, The Rent Man - Cofer Brothers
21. Rock That Cradle Lucy - Cofer Brothers
22. How Long? - Cofer Brothers
23. Rome Georgia Bound - Carroll County Revelers
24. Georgia Wobble Blues - Carroll County Revelers

Old Time Stringbands from Ashe County 1927-1931

01 TRAIN 45

Georgia String Bands 1928-1930

1.Every Day in the Week Blues _Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley (1928)
2.C.C. and O. Blues _ _Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley (1928)
3.Papa´s ´Bout to Get Mad _Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley (1928)
4.Gonna Tip Out Tonight _Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley (1928)
5.Georgia Crawl _Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony (1928)
6.Lonesome Blues _Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony (1928)
7.Old Rock Island Blues _Lonnie Coleman (1929)
8.Wild about My Loving _Lonnie Coleman (1929)
9.Wringing That Thing _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1929)
10.Worrying Blues _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1929)
11.Everything´s Coming My Way _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
12.Mean Flordia Blues _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
13.Try That Thing _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
14.Tickle Britches _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
15.Tantalizing Bootblack _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
16.Warm Wipe Stomp _Macon Ed & Tampa Joe (1930)
17.I´ll My Harp in Beulah Land _Brothers Wright & Williams (1930)

Document Records: Mississippi String Bands 1928-1935 (Vol 1)

1.Ming, Floyd & His Pep Steppers / Indian War Whoop
2.Ming, Floyd & His Pep Steppers / Old Red
3.Ming, Floyd & His Pep Steppers / White Mule
4.Ming, Floyd & His Pep Steppers / Tupelo Blues
5.Carter Brothers & Son / Liza Jane
6.Carter Brothers & Son / Give The Fiddler A Dram
7.Carter Brothers & Son / Old Joe Bone
8.Carter Brothers & Son / Saddle Up The Grey
9.Carter Brothers & Son / Leather Breeches
10.Carter Brothers & Son / Nancy Rowland
11.Carter Brothers & Son / Cotton Eyed Joe
12.Carter Brothers & Son / Miss Brown
13.Carter Brothers & Son / Jenny On The Railroad
14.Carter Brothers & Son / Give Me A Chaw Tobacco
15.Whitehead, Red & Dutch Coleman / Booneville Stomp
16.Whitehead, Red & Dutch Coleman / Dad's Getting Fuzzy 3
17.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / Don't You Remember The Time
18.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / The Leake County Two Step
19.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / Sullivan's Hollow
20.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / Croquet Habits
21.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / Mississippi Square Dance - Part 1
22.Freeny's Barn Dance Band / Mississippi Square Dance - Part 2
23.The Freeny Harmonizers / Podunk Toddle
24.The Freeny Harmonizers / Travellin' Blues

Document Records: Mississippi String Bands 1928-1930 (Vol 2)

1. Mississippi 'Possum Hunters / Mississippi Breakdown
2. Mississippi 'Possum Hunters / 'Possum on the Rail
3. Mississippi 'Possum Hunters / The Last Shot Got Him2
4. Mississippi 'Possum Hunters / Rufus Rastus
5. Ray Brothers / Honeysuckle Waltz
6. Ray Brothers / Choctaw County Rag
7. Ray Brothers / Jake Leg Wobble
8. Ray Brothers / Friday Night Waltz
9. Ray Brothers / Tuscaloosa Waltz
10. Ray Brothers / Mississippi Echoes
11. Ray Brothers / Home Town Waltz
12. Ray Brothers / Winona Rag
13. Ray Brothers / Got the Jake Leg Too
14. Ray Brothers / The Folks Back Home
15. Mumford Bean & His Itawambians / Slow Time Waltz
16. Mumford Bean & His Itawambians / Flow Rain Waltz
17. Gene Clardy & Stan Clements / Sleeping Time Waltz
18. Gene Clardy & Stan Clements / Black Mustache
19. Gene Clardy & Stan Clements / Harvest Home Waltz
20. Gene Clardy & Stan Clements / Moonlight Clog
21. Milner & Curtis / Evening Shade Waltz
22. Milner & Curtis / Northeast Texas

Tampa Red the Guitar Wizard

1 (Honey) It's Tight Like That
2 Big Fat Mama
3 No Matter How She Done It
4 Reckless Man Blues
5 Don't Leave Me Here
6 Dead Cats On The Line
7 Thing's Bout Comin' My Way
8 You Can't Get That Stuff No More
9 If You Want Me To Love You
10 Turpentine Blues
11 Western Bound Blues
12 That Stuff Is Here
13 Sugar Mama Blues No. 1
14 Sugar Mama BLues No. 2
15 Black Angle Blues
16 Thing's 'bout Comin' My Way
17 Denver Blues

Jimmy Murphy: Sixteen Tons Rock & Roll - the RCA & Columbia recordings

1.Sixteen Tons Rock 'n' Roll
2.My Gal Dottie
3.Granpaw's A Cat
4.Baboon Boogie
5.I'm Looking For A Mustard Patch
6.Put Some Meat On Them Bones
7.Here Kitty Kitty
8.Sweet Sweet Lips
10.Big Mama Blues
11.That First Guitar Of Mine
12.Love That Satisfies
13.Educated Fool
14.Ramblin' Heart
15.We Live A Long, Long Time
16.Mother Where Is Your Daughter Tonight

Joe Maphis: Flying Fingers

1.Flying Fingers
2.Lorrie Ann
3.Guitar Rock and Roll
4.Randy Lynn Rag
5.Sweet Fern
6.Twin Banjo Special
7.Fire on the Strings
8.Bully of the Town
9.Town Hall Shuffle
10.Floggin' the Banjo
11.Tennessee Two Step
12.Katy Warren Breakdown
13.Bye, Bye
14.Early American
15.The Rockin' Gypsy
17.Short Recess
19.Del Rio
20.Navajo (War Party)
22.Marching Through Georgia
23.Water Baby Boogie
24.Black Sombrero

The Blue Sky Boys: There'll Come A Time & Can't You Hear That Nightbird Crying? (1936)

1.I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
2.Sunny Side Of Life
3.There'll Come A Time
4.Where The Soul Never Dies
5.Midnight On The Stormy Sea
6.Take Up Thy Cross
7.Row Us Over The Tide
8.Down On The Banks Of The Ohio
9.I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled
10.The Dying Boy's Prayer
11.No One To Welcome Me Home
12.Didn't They Crucify My Lord
13.Only Let Me Walk With thee
14.Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying
15.An Old Account Was Settled
16.Sweet Allalee
17.You Give Me Your Love
18.I Believe It
19.When The Ransomed Get Home
20.Fair Eyed Ellen
21.Somebody Makes Me Think Of You

Barrelhouse Mamas

1 Cow Cow Davenport & Ivy Smith - State Street Jive
2 Mary Johnson - Dawn of Day Blues
3 St. Louis Bessie - Meat Cutter Blues
4 Lucille Bogan - Alley Boogie
5 Lucille Bogan - Sloppy Drunk Blues
6 Lucille Bogan - They Ain't Walking No More
7 Dorothy Baker - Steady Grinding Blues
8 Bessie Tucker - Fort Worth and Denver
9 Mary Johnson - Key To The Mountain
10 Elzadie Robinson - Santa Claus Crave
11 Margaret Thornton - Texas Bound Blues
12 Ida May Mack - Good-Bye Rider
13 Margaret Whitmire - `Tain't A Cow In Texas
14 Margaret Thornton - Jockey Blues
15 Freddy Brown - Whip It To A Jelly
16 Freddy Brown - Raised In The Alley Blues
17 Leola Manning - Satan Is Busy In Knoxville
18 Lil Johnson - Evil Man Blues
19 Doretha Thowbridge - Bad Luck Blues
20 Elizabeth Washington - Riot Call Blues
21 St. Louis Bessie - He Treats Me Like A Dog
22 Mary Johnson - Morning Sun Blues
23 Mozelle Alderson - Tight In Chicago

Lonnie Johnson: He's A Jelly Roll Baker (recorded for Bluebird 1939-1944)

1 Why Women Go Wrong
2 Nothing But A Rat
3 Jersey Belle Blues
4 The Loveless Blues
5 I'm Just Dumb
6 Get Yourself Together
7 Crowing Rooster Blues
8 That's Love
9 Somebody's Got To Go
10 Lazy Woman Blues
11 Chicago Blues
12 I Did All I Could
13 In Love Again
14 The Last Call
15 Rambler's Blues
16 Baby Remember Me
17 He's A Jelly Roll Baker
18 When You Feel Low Down
19 The Victim Of Love
20 Watch Shorty

Lonnie Johnson: The Original Guitar Wizard (1) Mr Johnson's Blues

1.Mr. Johnson's Blues
2.Johnson's Trio Stomp
3.To Do This You Got To Know How
4.South Bound Water
5.I Done Told You
6.Steppin' On The Blues
7.Steady Grind
8.Four Hands Are Better Than Two
9.Woke Up With The Blues In My Fingers
10.Backwater Blues
11.Mean Old Bedbug Blues
12.Roaming Rambler Blues
13.Stay Out Of Walnut Street Alley
14.St. Louis Cyclone Blues
15.Bedbug Blues, Pt. 2
16.Garter Snake Blues
17.6/88 Glide
18.Life Saver Blues
19.I'm Not Rough
20.Sweet Potato Blues
21.Hotter Than That
22.Savoy Blues
23.Playing With The Strings
24.Stompin' Em Along Now

Lonnie Johnson: The Original Guitar Wizard (2) Hot Fingers

1.Deep Blues Sea Blues
2.No More Women Blues
3.I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone
4.Crowing Rooster Blues
5.Broken Levee Blues
6.Careless Love
7.Toothache Blues, Pts. 1 & 2
8.Misty Mornin'
9.Two Tone Stomp
10.Have To Change Keys To Play These Blues
11.It Feels So Good, Pts. 1 & 2
12.Jet Black Blues
13.Guitar Blues
14.Blue Guitars
15.Bullfrog Moan
16.Sundown Blues
17.The New Fallin' Rain Blues
18.You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now, Pts. 1 & 2
19.Hot Fingers
20.Blues Room
21.She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight
22.Another Woman Booked Out And Bound To Go

Chano Pozo «Blen, Blen, Blen» (1/3)

1.Introduction by Mario Bauzá and Billy Taylor Miguelito Valdés
2.Blen, Blen, Blen
4.Muna Sanganfimba
5.Guagüina Yerabo
6.Anana Boroco Tinde
7.Blen, Blen, Blen
10.Bang, Que Choque
15.El Pin Pin
16.El Pin Pin
19.Guarachi Güaro
20.Boco Boco
21.Guagüina Yerabo
22.Tin Tin Deo
23.Si No Tiene Swing

Chano Pozo: «Timbero, la timba es mia» (2/3)

Havana Casino Orchestra con Oscar López - 01. Lolo, Lolo, Lolo 
Havana Casino Orchestra con Oscar López - 02. La Rumba Y La Guerra
Havana Casino Orchestra con Oscar López - 03. Quinto Mayor
Havana Casino Orchestra con Oscar López - 04. El Vendador De Aves
Orquesta Hotel Nacional con Tito Gómez - 05. Conga De Los Dandys
Orquesta Hotel Nacional con Tito Gómez - 06. Timbero, La Timba Es Mia
Orquesta Hotel Nacional con Tito Gómez - 07. Tumbando Caña
Orquesta Hotel Nacional con Tito Gómez - 08. Blen, Blen, Blen Rumba Guaracha
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto Azul - 09. El Pin Pin
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto Azul - 10. Tu Gallo Maria
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto Azul - 11. Tierra Colorá
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto Azul - 12. Ave Maria Morena
Miguelito Valdes - 13. El Cajón
Miguelito Valdes - 14. Sangre Son Colorá
15. Billy Taylor's Commentary
Chano Pozo y su Ritmo de Tambores - 16. Ya No Se Puede Rumbear
Chano Pozo y su Ritmo de Tambores - 17. Abasi
Chano Pozo y su Ritmo de Tambores - 18. Tambombararana
Chano Pozo y su Ritmo de Tambores - 19. Placetas
Chano Pozo y su Orquesta con Tito Rodríguez20. Rumba En Swing
Chano Pozo y su Orquesta con Tito Rodríguez21. Porqué Tu Sufres
Chano Pozo y su Orquesta con Tito Rodríguez - 22. Cómetelo To'
Chano Pozo y su Orquesta con Tito Rodríguez - 23. Pasó En Tampa
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto con El Mago del Tres - 24. Serende
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto con El Mago del Tres - 25. Seven Seven
Chano Pozo y su Conjunto con El Mago del Tres - 26. Sácale Brillo Al Piso Teresa
Olga Guillot con Machito y su Orquesta - 27. No Se Que Tienes
Olga Guillot con Machito y su Orquesta - 28. La Gloria Eres Tú
29. Mario Bauza's Closing Comments

Chano Pozo «The Cu-Bop Days» (3/3)

1. Chano Pozo in New York
Billy Taylor’s radio programme, invited guests Mario Bauzá and Dizzy Gillespie relate how they came to know Chano Pozo

DIZZY GILLESPIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA, Recorded live in Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York 1947
2. Relaxin’ At Camarillo
3. Cubana-Be, Cubana-Bop

4. Billy Taylor reflects on the importance of Dizzy Gillespie in Chano Pozo’s professional life

5. Algo Bueno (Woody ‘N You)
6. Cool Breeze
7. Cubana Be
8. Cubana Bop
9. Cecil Payne, Billy Taylor And Dizzy Gillespie Comments
10. Good Bait
11. Ool-Ya-Koo
12. Minor Walk
13. Mario Bauzá, Billy Taylor And Dizzy Gillespe
14. Manteca
15. Mario Bauzá, Billy Taylor And Cecil Payne
16. Cubana-Be, Cubana-Bop (Afro-Cuban Suite)

17. Baggy’s Blues
18. Baggy Eyes

19. Moody’s All Frantic
20. Tropicana

Scat Singing - The Art Of Voice Jazz (compilation)

1. Hotter Than That - Louis Armstrong
2. Four or Fives Times - Don Redman, George W. Thomas, Dave Wilborn
3. Decatur Street Tutti - Jabbo Smith
4. Beedle-Um-Bum - Don Redman, George "Fathead" Thomas
5. I Got Rhythm - Ethel Waters
6. Some of These Days - Bing Crosby
7. Sweet Sue, Just You - Louis Armstrong, Budd Johnson
8. Zaz Zuh Zaz - Cab Calloway
9. I've Found a New Baby - The Mills Brothers
10. Ring dem Bells - Svend Asmussen
11. What's This? - Buddy Stewart, Davee Lambert
12. I Love the Rhythm in a Riff - Billy Eckstine
13. Flying Home - Ella Fitzgerald
14. Sonny Boy - Leo Watson
15. Budella (Blue Skies) - Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich
16. Oh, Lady Be Good - Ella Fitzgerald
17. Honeysuckle Rose - Roy Eldridge, Mel Tormé
18. Oop-Pop-A-Da - Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny "Pancho" Hagood
19. Rockin' in Rhythm - Bunny Briggs
20. How High the Moon - Ella Fitzgerald
21. Cherokee - Dave Lambert
22. Jump Did-Le-Ba - Joe Caroll, Dizzy Gillespie

Tito Puente and his Orchestra: Mambo Macoco 1949-1951

1. Mambo La Roca
2. Lo Dicen Todas
3. Babarabatiri
4. A Burujón Puñao
5. Babalagua
6. Mambo Macoco
7. Mambolero
8. Cuban Mambo
9. Cuban Cutie
10. Mi Guaguancó
11. El Timbal
12. Abaniquito
13. Baile Simón
14. Quiero Mi Mambo
15. Mambo En Blues
16. 'Ta Bueno Pa' Baila'
17. Aprieta El Pollo
18. Guaguancó En Tropicana
19. Cuero Na' Ma'
20. Preparen Candela

New York City, 1949-1951
Featuring: Manny Oquendo (bongos), Mongo Santamaría (conga), Vicentico Valdés- Bobby Escoto (vocals & maracas), Luis Varona (piano)

When I was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West (1/2)

1 Cartwright Brothers - Utah Carroll
2 Edward L. Crain - Bandit Cole Younger
3 J.D. Farley - Bill Was a Texas Lad
4 Jules Allen - Long Side the Sante Fe Trail
5 Carl Sprague - The Mormon Cowboy
6 Martin & Roberts - The Roundup in the Spring
7 Ken Maynard - The Lone Star Trail
8 Crowder Brothers - Wild West Rambler
9 Harry McClintock - Sam Bass
10 Patt Patterson & his Champion Rep Riders - The Wandering Cowboy
11 Cartwright Brothers - Texas Ranger
12 Arkansas Woodchopper - I'm a Texas Cowboy
13 Carl Sprague - The Last Longhorn
14 Lonesome Luke & his Farm Hands - Wild Hog in the Woods
15 Arthur Miles - Lonely Cowboy, Part 1
16 Arthur Miles - Lonely Cowboy, Part 2
17 Harry McClintock - Goodbye Old Paint
18 Powder River Jack & Kitty Lee - Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail
19 Billie Maxwell - Haunted Hunter
20 Taylor's Kentucky Boys - The Dixie Cowboy
21 Dick Devall - Out on the Lone Star Cow Trail
22 Ken Maynard - The Cowboy's Lament
23 Watts & Wilson - The Sporting Cowboy

When I was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West (2/2)

1.Jimmie Davis / Cowboy's Home Sweet Home
2.Harry McClintock / Jesse James
3.Cartwright Brothers / Get Along Little Dogies
4.Jack Webb / The Night Guard
5.Gerald & Dixon / Back to My Wyoming Home
6.Carl Sprague / The Cowboy
7.Jules Allen / The Gal I Left Behind
8.Paul Hamblin / The Strawberry Roan
9.Rowdy Wright / I'm a Wandering Bronco Rider
10.Cartwright Brothers / The Dying Ranger
11.Delmore Brothers / The Fugitive's Lament
12.Crockett Family / Buffalo Gals Medley
13.Billie Maxwell / Billy Venero-Part 1
14.Billie Maxwell / Billy Venero-Part 2
15.J. D. Farley / I'm a Lone Star Cowboy
16.Buell Kazee / The Cowboy Trail
17.Powder River Jack & Ketty Lee / My Love Is a Cowboy
18.Patt Patterson & Lois Dxter / Smnow Covered Face
19.Frank Jenkins & His Pilot Mountaineers / The Burial of Wild Bill
20.Dick DeVall / Tom Sherman's Barroom
21.Rowdy Wright / I'm a Jolly Cowboy
22.Ken Maynard / Home on the Range
23.McGinty's Oklahoma Cowboy Band / Cowboy's Dream

Folksongs from the Louisiana Acadians (1956-1959)

1.Grand Texas / Chuck Guillory
2.Colinda / Wallace "Cheese" Read
3.Tu Peux Cogner / Mrs. Odeus Guillory
4.La Patate Chaude / Mrs. Rodney Fruge
5.Je Charche Tout Partout / Wallace "Cheese" Read
6.T'es Petite, Mais T'es Mignonne / Wallace "Cheese" Read
7.La Danse de la Limonade / Mrs. Rodney Fruge
8.La Betaille Dans Le 'Tit Arbre / Isom J. Fontenot
9.Grand Mamou / Savy Augustine
10.La Danse de Mardi Gras / Bee Deshotels
11.Mes Souliers Sont Rouges / Bee Deshotels
12.Contredanse Francaise / Isom J. Fontenot
13.Y Avait Boitine Boiteuse / Bee Deshotels
14.Aux Natchitoches / Bee Deshotels
15.Contredanse de Mamou / Shelby Vidrine
16.Saute Crapeau / Isom J. Fontenot
17.Cadet Roussel / Isom J. Fontenot
18.L'arbre Est Dans Ces Feuilles / Bee Deshotels
19.J'ai Traverse La Mer Et Les Montagnes / Isom J. Fontenot
20.Fiddle Stomp / Wallace "Cheese" Read
21.Ma Chere Belle / Wallace "Cheese" Read
22.French Jig / Wallace "Cheese" Read
23.Empty Bottle Stomp / Wallace "Cheese" Read
24.I Met a Girl in the Swamp / Wallace "Cheese" Read
25.You Had Some But You Don't Anymore / Isom J. Fontenot
26.Two-Step De Lanse Maigre / Isom J. Fontenot
27.Mamou Breakdown / Wallace "Cheese" Read
28.Prison Song / Austin Pitre
29.Ninety-Nine Year Waltz / Milton Molitor
30.Lost Lover Breakdown / Austin Pitre
31.Le Blues de Elton / Milton Molitor
32.Contredanse / Austin Pitre
33.Molitor Waltz / Milton Molitor
34.Hey Mom / Milton Molitor

Arhoolie 40th Anniversary 1960 - 2000

Disc: 1
1. San Francisco Bay Blues - Jesse Fuller
2. Mercury Blues - K.C. Douglas
3. Shake Shake Mama - Mance Lipscomb
4. Cairo Blues - Lil' Son Jackson
5. Barbershop Rhythm - Wade Walton/Robert Curtis Smith
6. One Thin Dime - Butch Cage/Willie Thomas
7. Charmin' Betsy - Hodges Brothers
8. Whistlin' Alex Moore's Blues - Alex Moore
9. I Am The Black Ace - Black Ace
10. Brother James - Big Joe Williams
11. Lady Luck - Mercy Dee
12. Don't Drive Me Away - Robert Curtis Smith
13. Zydeco Introduction - Zydeco Announcer
14. Bernadette Chere - Albert Chevalier
15. Bald Headed Woman - Lightnin' Hopkins
16. Baby Please Don't Go - James Campbell
17. Believe On Me - Reverend Louis Overstreet
18. Low Down Blues - George Lewis
19. The Country Blues - J.E. Mainer
20. Crowley Waltz - Hackberry Ramblers
21. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain - Booker White
22. Ay, Ai Ai - Clifton Chenier
23. Write Me A Few Lines - Fred McDowell
24. Charlie James - Mance Lipscomb
25. Louisiana Blues - Clifton Chenier

Disc: 2
1. Cindy - John Jackson
2. Little Red Rooster - Big Mama Thornton
3. La Betaille - Isom Fontenot
4. Calcasieu Waltz - Nathan Abshire
5. Almlied - Eibelsberger Duo
6. You Are Tonight - Del McCoury
7. In The Breeze - Jerry Hahn Quintet
8. Goin' Back To The Country - Juke Boy Bonner
9. Sometimes I Cry - Johnny Young
10. Two Bugs And A Roach - Earl Hooker
11. Dream - John Littlejohn
12. Things Gonna Get Better - Bee Houston
13. Visions - Sonny Simmons
14. I Wish I Could Sing - Bongo Joe
15. Boogieing In Strasbourg - Alex Moore
16. The Death Of Dr. King - Big Joe Williams
17. Please Settle In Vietnam - Lightnin' Hopkins
18. Shake 'Em On Down - Fred McDowell/Johnny Woods
19. El Desesperado - Los Pinguinos Del Norte
20. Creole Belles - New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra
21. Finger Lickin' Good - Charlie Musselwhite

Disc: 3
1. Church Point Breakdown - Austin Pitre
2. Gstanzeln Aus Dem Freistriztal - Original Herberstein Trio
3. Gibson Creek Shuffle - The Charles Ford Band
4. Ups And Downs - L.C. Robinson
5. You Ain't Got A Chance - Piano Red
6. Home Sweet Home - Boisec Ardoin/Canray Fontenot
7. Satan's Burning Hell - Bill Neely
8. Luzita - Narciso Martinez
9. Yo Me Enamore - Trio San Antonio
10. Borracho Perdido - Trio San Antonio
11. One Of These Mornings (I'm Checkin' Out) - J.C. Burris
12. Allons A Grand Coteau - Clifton Chenier
13. En Bas Du Chene Vert - Dewey Balfa/Marc Savoy/D.L. Menard
14. Beso Y Copas - Chavela Ortiz Y Brown Express
15. Fast Santa Fe (Bear Cat) - Robert Shaw
16. I'll See You In C-U-B-A - Any Old Time String Band
17. El Balaju - Conjunto Alma Jarocha
18. La Gata - Los Caporales De Panuco
19. Beym Rebns Sude - The Klezmorim
20. J'ai Laisse De La Maison - Cheese Read
21. Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio - Don Santiago Jimenez Sr.
22. Mi Problema - Lydia Mendoza

Disc: 4
1. Gritenme Piedras Del Campo - Flaco Jimenez
2. Co-Fe - John Delafose
3. Single Girl - Rose Maddox
4. Bee De La Manche - Canray Fontenot
5. Bosco Stomp - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon
6. Negra Ausencia - Santiago Jimenez Jr.
7. La Chanson De Cinquante Sous - Michael Doucet Dit BeauSoleil
8. Shake What You Got - Preston Frank
9. Little Black Eyes - Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
10. Chill Of A Saturday Afternoon - Wade Fruge
11. Jolie Blonde - Chuck Guillory
12. Here To Stay - Rebirth Brass Band
13. I Know That's Right - Katie Webster
14. I've Been There - Lawrence Ardoin
15. Mentiste Cuando Dijiste - Flaco Jimenez
16. Aguililla - Los Campesinos De Michoacan
17. La Reine De La Salle - Odile Falcon
18. Chanson De La Sagesse - Michael Doucet
19. Hot Chili Mama - Beausoleil
20. Check Out The Zydeco - C.J. Chenier
21. El Canoero - Valerio Longoria
22. Corrido Del Mono - Los Gavilanes De Oakland
23. San Francisco Can Be Such A Lonely Town - Omar Sharriff

Disc: 5
1. Mother - Paramount Gospel Singers
2. Gumagarugu - Chatuye
3. Kandan-E Amaturi III - Aziz Herawi
4. A Ti, Colombia - Ivan Cuesta
5. Food Stamp Blues - Treme Brass Band
6. Ain't It A Shame - Elder Roma Wilson
7. J'Ai Ete Au Bal - Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
8. La Mal Sentada - Los Cenzontles
9. Falling For You - Rose Maddox
10. Los Traficantes Del Bravo - Los Palomares Del Bravo
11. Jesus Will Fix It For You - Sonny Treadway
12. Medved Na Lancu - Csokolom
13. Jale Griego - Jose Moreno
14. El Corrido De Esequiel Hernandez - Santiago Jimenez, Jr.
15. What's His Name - Jesus! - The Campbell Brothers
16. Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Aubrey Ghent

Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937 (1/2)

1.Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah / The Spasm
2.Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett / Tanner's Boarding House
3.Lil McClintock / Don't Think I'm Santa Claus
4.Dallas String Band with Coley Jones / Hokum Blues
5.Shorty Godwin / Jimbo Jambo Land
6.Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers / Gonna Swing on the Golden Gate
7.Pink Anderson & Simmie Doley / Papa's 'Bout to Get Mad
8.Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright / The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never was a Married Man
9.Jim Jackson / By, Bye, Policeman
10.Walter Smith / The Bald-headed End of a Broom
11.Allen Brothers / Bow Wow Blues
12.Beans Hambone & El Morrow / Beans
13.Stovepipe #1 & David Crockett / A Chicken Can Waltz the Gravy Around
14.Grant Brothers & Their Music / Tell It to Me
15.Carolina Tar Heels / Ain't No Use Working So Hard
16.Walter Cole / Mama Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean
17.Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet / C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken
18.Banjo Joe / My Money Never Runs Out
19.Henry Thomas "Ragtime Texas" / Railroadin' Some
20.Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers / Travelling Man
21.Johnson-Nelson-Porkchop / G. Burns is Gonna Rise Again
22.Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers / Baby All Night Long
23.Chris Bouchillon / Born in Hard Luck
24.Memphis Sheiks / He's In the Jailhouse Now

Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937 (2/2)

1.Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley / Gonna Tip Out Tonight
2.Sam McGee / Chevrolet Car
3.Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers / It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'
4.Cannon's Jug Stompers / Bring It With You When You Come
5.Blind Sammie / Atlanta Strut
6.Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers / Go Along Mule
7.Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band / Casey Bill
8.Frank Stokes / I Got Mine
9.Chris Bouchillon / Hannah
10.Bogus Ben Covington / Adam & Eve in the Garden
11.Alec Johnson & His Band / Mysterious Coon
12.Carolina Tar Heels / Her Name was Hula Lou
13.Three Tobacco Tags / Reno Blues
14.Papa Charlie Jackson / Scoodle Um Skoo
15.Frank Hutchison / Stackalee 3:05
16.Walter Smith / The Cat's Got the Measles, the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough
17.Hezekiah Jenkins / Shout You Cats
18.Tommie Bradley / Nobody's Business if I Do
19.Charlie Poole with The North Carolina Ramblers / Sweet Sixteen
20.Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright / Ticklish Reuben
21.Jim Jackson / I Heard the Voice of a Porkchop
22.Dallas String Band with Coley Jones / Shine
23.Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers / The Gypsy
24.J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers / Kiss Me Cindy

Biguine, Valse et Mazurka Créoles (1929-1940) (1/2)

1- L'Orchestre Antillais - Sepent Maigre
2- Orchestre Creol's Band - La Georgi-Nana
3- Orchestre Creol's Band - Armide
4- Creol's Band Du Bal Colonial De La Rue Blomet - Pamela
5- Creol's Band Du Bal Colonial De La Rue Blomet - Maracajbo
6- Orchestre Du Bal Antillais - A Si Pare
7- Orchestre Du Bal Antillais - Soigne I Ba Moin
8- Orchestre De La Boule Blanche - C'est Biguine
9- Orchestre Creole Delvi - Ba Moin En Ti Bo Doudou
10- Tom Et Ses Juniors Guadeloupeens - Robes A Queues
11- Orchestre Guyanais De M. Henri Volmar - Mouvements D'avions
12- Orchestre Creole Delvi - Du Feu Pri En Tete Man Norde
13- Nelly Lungla - Me Gade Yo
14- Duo De Guitares Par Pollo Malahel Et Benjamin Gerion - Gros Sou
15- L'Orchestre Guadeloupeen A. Kindou - Celestin Roi Diable
16- Piano Par Les Freres Martial - Krakador Bon Ti Coin Capesterre La
17- Stellio Et Son Orchestre Creole - Eti Tintin
18 - Orchestre Creole Matou - Ti Joseph A Josephine

Biguine, Valse et Mazurka Créoles (1929-1940) (2/2)

1.Abel Beauregard & B. Colson/Moin Aimé Doudou Moin
2.E. Delouche/Gepe Ka Piké
5.E. Delouche/Martinique
6.E. Delouche/Complainte
7.Aljean & M. Noiran/Negues Bon DéfençEus
8.Jazz Sam Castendet/Bossu Doudou
9.E. Delouche/Naomi
10.Pollo Malahel & E Delouche/Les Deux Jumeaux
11.E. Delouche/Sous Les Tropiques
12.Alphonse & Noiran/Souvenirs De Saint-Pierre
13.Lirvat & Aureste/Touloulou Mi Touloulou A Ou La
14.F.W. Clements/Jeanne Et Marcelle
15.MaïOtte Almaby/Ma Goulou Goulou
16.Pé-En-Kin/1-2-3 La Vandé
17.Alphonse & Berté/Sur Les Flots Aux Antilles
18.Alphonse/Pot-Pourri Biguine

Lamento Borincano (1/2)

1.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Heroes de Borinquen'
2.Quinteto Borinquen 'Sara'
3.Orquesta Euterpe 'Laura Y Georgina'
4.Trio Borinquen 'Si Me Quieres'
5.Trio Boricua 'Purupita'
6.Trio Boricua 'Pobre Gaviota'
7.Grupo Quisqueya 'Pobre Gaviota'
8.Grupo Borinquen 'Bon Ye'
9.Trio Borinquen 'Mi Patria Tiembla'
10.Pleneros Surenos 'No Le Llores Miguel'
11.Pleneros Surenos 'Las Navidades'
12.Los Jardineros 'Antiquo Seis Borinqueno'
13.Los Reyes De La Plena 'Josefina, Josefina'
14.Los Reyes De La Plena 'El Nuevo Gobernador'
15.Los Reyes De La Plena 'Los Misterios De Lenox'
16.Los Reyes De La Plena 'Que Dulces Son Las Canciones'
17.Trio Ponceno 'Adios Borinquen'
18.Trio Ponceno 'Cusita'
19.Los Jardineros 'Mercedes'
20.Trio Boricua 'Anhelos'
21.Grupo Antillano 'Fuego En La Cantera'
22.Grupo Antillano 'Fausto Y Su Ford'
23.Grupo Antillano 'A Lolita'
24.Grupo Antillano 'Todo Es Mentira'
25.Los Reyes de la Plena 'Esperame En El Porton'

Lamento Borincano (2/2)

1.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Lamento Borincano'
2.Los Reyes de la Plena 'Quejas Del Ausente'
3.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Amor Sin Dolor'
4.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Cantares de la Sierra'
5.Lira Boricua 'Suenos De Vestales'
6.Lira Boricua 'Mis Amores'
7.Sexteto Flores 'No Juegues, Con Candela'
8.Sexteto Flores 'Mamita, Que Frio'
9.Sexteto Flores 'Siboney'
10.Cuarteto Flores 'Polongui'
11.Canario 'Consejo a las Mujeres'
12.Canario 'Llanto Del Campesino'
13.Grupo Aurora 'Alegria Boricua'
14.Grupo Aurora 'Alma Boricua'
15.Grupo Aurora 'Mi Bien Baila El Son'
16.Orquesta de Paco Duclerc 'Pepina'
17.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Alla Va'
18.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Tras La Tempestad'
19.Canario Y Su Grupo 'El Home Relief'
20.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Estan Tirando Bombas'
21.Canario Y Su Grupo 'Que Vivio'
22.Quinteto La Plata 'El Portal'
23.Quinteto La Plata 'La Joven Que Yo Amaba'
24.Conjunto Tipico Ladi 'El Dia de Los Sorullos'
25.Conjunto Tipico Ladi 'Para El Año Nuevo

Cuba in Paris: Rico's Creole Band 1947-1951 (A)

2.Bim bam bum
3.Maria de Bahia
5.Tres palabras
6.La muchica
7.Tu felicidad
9.Manuelita palabras de mujer
10.Bailando la guaracha
11.Un soir de carnaval
12.La ultima noche
13.Le danseur du perroquet
14.Angelitos negros
16.Quiereme mucho
17.La ola marina
18.Quizas quizas quizas

Cuba in Paris: Rico's Creole Band 1947-1951 (B)

3.Un poquito de tu amor
4.Maria bonita/ revoir Paris
5.El cumbanchero
7.Luna lunera
9.Naõ esta
10.La television
11.La mucura
12.Mr. le consul a curityba
13.La fleur de tes cheveux
14.Se acabo
15.A Marie galante
16.Dos gardenias

Conjunto Sonora Matancera: La Ola Marina

2.La ola marina
3.El cuento del sapo
4.Gozala bailando
5.Echa pa' alla chico
6.El alacran
8.Que jelengue
9.De todas formas
11.Bamba alegre
12.El cheque
13.Mi dulce amante
15.Una rosa de Francia
16.El feo
17.Si alguna vez volviera
18.Como me da la gana
19.La vaca lechera
20.Se cansa uno

Beny Moré: La Colección Cubana (1950s)

01 Yiri Yiri Bon
02 San Fernandeo
03 Encantado de la Vida
04 Mamboletas
05 Cuando Quieras Volver
06 Bombon de Pollo
07 Donde Estabas Tu
08 Barbaro del Ritmo
09 Por Una Madre
10 Tocineta
11 Que Te Pasa Jose
12 Babarabatiri
13 Salomon
14 Tratame Como Soy
15 La Maricutana
16 Loca Pasion

Senén Suárez y su conjunto del Tropicana Night Club - Guaguancó Callejero

01. Guaguanco Callejero.mp3
02. Yo te perdono.mp3
03. La Negra Margot.mp3
04. Con Suavidad.mp3
05. La Caña.mp3
06. Guanguanco n° 2.mp3
07. Señora Maria.mp3
08. Yambeque.mp3
09. Guajiro Batanga.mp3
10. El 23.mp3
11. Un Toque de Bembe.mp3
12. Guanguanco Botao.mp3
13. Alma de Mujer.mp3
14. Anana Arena.mp3
15. Algo de ti.mp3
16. La Picarona.mp3

Cheo Marquetti: El Rey del Ritmo (compilation 2001)

01. Baila Ahora
02. Caramelo A Kilo
03. Luz Y Alegria
04. Yenyele Becun
05. Mi Son Monte Adentro
06. Vueltabajero
07. Pinareño
08. Labrando La Tierra
09. El Viajero Cantor
10. Yo Bailo Con La Mas Fea
11. Fuegos En Los Bomberos
12. Hay Comentario
13. Elube Chango
14. Ariñañara
15. Que No Muera El Son
16. Cuatro Paredes
17. Pa' La Loma
18. Oriente

Los Compadres - Cosas de mi Cuba

01. Cosas de mi Cuba
02. Apila el arroz
03. Mi son oriental
04. Y me equivoque
05. Palomita blanca
06. El que sabe, sabe
07. Cañero n°15
08. Su señoria la conga
09. Yo ne quiero llanto
10. Amarra el lechon y vamos
11. Amor silvestre
12. Macusa
13. Las flores te envidian
14. El fenomeno
15. El panquelero

Perez Prado's Rockambo (1961)

1.Rock' Ambo No.1 (Why Wait)
3.A Lo Loco
4.Cuban Rock
6.Leyenda Mexicana
9.Cose Cose Cose
10.Moniter Mambo
11.Pretty Doll
12.Back Bay Shuffle
14.Rockambo A La Prado
15.Julie Is Her Name
16.San Remo
17.El Rikitiki
19.Rockambo Baby
20.Rockambo No.4
21.Oh, Oh, Rosie
23.Rockambo Bop
26.Canto Siboney
27.Pachito E' Che
28.Alma Llanera

Septeto y Conjunto Matamoros: Camaron y Mamoncillo

1 Retrato
2 Salcochando
3 Es Bueno Canuto
4 Lo Que Es Amar
5 Noche Buena
6 Adios Mi Madre
7 Mi Cafetero
8 Muelle De Luz
9 Mi Madre Y La Guerra
10 La Conga Del Pilar
11 Camaron
12 Mari Juana
13 Camaron Y Mamoncillo
14 Golpe De Bibijagua
15 Correspondencia
16 Responde Facundo
17 Ranchito Mio
18 Como Todo Un Macho
19 Arrullo De Amor
20 Dejame Gozar Mulata
21 Imposible
22 Tamborero

Perez Prado: «Kuba-Mambo» (1947-1949)

4.Memoria a Chano
5.No me quieras tanto
6.Timba, timba
8.¿Que es el amor?
9.Mambo No. 5
10.Mi cazuelita
12.Saca la mano
15.Hembra mala
17.Suavecito pollito
19.Asi, asi
20.Tu ve, tu ve
21.Azuquita con leche
22.La clave

The de Castro Sisters: Teach Me Tonight (1954-1958)

1.It's Love
2.Boom Boom Boomerang
3.To Say You're Mine
4.Wedding Song
5.If I Ever Fall in Love
6.I'm Bewildered
7.Teach Me Tonight
8.Give Me Time
9.Too Late Now
10.Cry Baby Blues
11.Let Your Love Walk In
12.Cuckoo in the Clock
13.Cuban Love Song
14.I Can't Escape from You
15.Rockin' and Rollin' in Hawaii
16.No One to Blame But You
17.Cowboys Don't Cry
18.It's Yours
19.I Never Meant to Hurt You
20.I Hear a Melody
21.Don't Call Me Sweetie
22.Flowers on the Hillside
23.I Know Plenty
24.Blue and Broken-Hearted
25.Where Have You Been My Love
26.That Little Word Called Love
27.Old Timer's Tune
28.Biddle-Dee Bop
29.What a Relief (Hoop Ah Hoop Ah, Bah Dah Dah)
30.You Take Care of Me (I'll Take Care of You)
31.My Sweetheart Left Me Behind

Orquesta Casino de la Playa: Memories of Cuba 1937-1944

2.Son Los Bobitos
4.La Pelotica
5.El Caballo y la Montura
6.Un Menteito Na'Ma
7.Quiero un Sombrero
8.Coge Pa' La Cola
9.Yo Pico un Pan
10.Esto Los Lo Ultimo
14.Bruca Manigua
15.El Manisero
16.Tumbando Cana

Cortijo Y Su Combo - Baile con Cortijo (1958)

1 El Negro Bembón
2 Alegría Y Bomba
3.Déjelo Que Suba
4.Te Lo Voy A Contar
5.El Satélite
6.Huy Que Pote
7.El Chivo De La Campana
8.Con La Punta Del Pie Teresa
9.Lo Dejé Llorando
10.A Bailar Mi Bomba
11.Báilala Bien
12.Lo Tuyo Es Crónico
13.María Teresa
15.El Mantequero
17.Juan José
18.Cela Que Te Cela

Conjunto Casino: En Cumbanchoa

01. Tema del Programa
02. Mi Chiquita Quiere Guarachar
03. Timba, Timbero
04. Un Golpecito Sabroso
05. Nuestra Canción
06. A Romper el Coco
07. Deum Deum Vo Tuba Deum
08. La Cocaleca
09. Echa Pa'Alla Chico
10. Mambo No. 5
11. Que Noche la de Anoche
12. Felipe Blanco
13. Un Pasito Tun Tun
14. Traigo un Tumbao
15. Despedida Tema del Programa

La Sonora Trae un Tono (1957)

2.Presentación: Baila Mi Rumba
4.Solo Tengo un Amor
6.Ay! Que Rico Amor
7.Intruso Corazon
9.En el Cachumbambe
10.Ay! Cosita Linda
12.Por Que
13.Fuiste Mala
15.El Novio Celoso

Document Records: Esther Bigeou (and more) 1921-1928

01 The Memphis Blues
02 The St.Louis Blues
03 Stingaree Blues (A Down Home Blues)
04 Nervous Blues
05 If That's What You Want Here It Is
06 Aggravatin' Papa
07 Four O'clock Blues
08 I'm Through With You (As I Can Be)
09 Beale Street Mama
10 Outside Of That, He's All Right With Me
11 The Gulf Coast Blues
12 Beale Street Blues
13 The Hesitating Blues
14 That Two-Twa Tune
15 Panama Limited Blues
16 You Ain't Treatin'me Right
17 West Indies Blues
18 If That's What You Want Here It Is (take 4)
19 Ever Lovin' Blues
20 Bad Land Blues
21 The Jazz Me Blues
22 Panama Limited Blues
23 Tia Juana Man
24 Lonely Blues
25 How Long

Document Records: Rare Paramount Blues 1926-1929

1.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / Mama's Angel Child
2.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / All Birds Look Like Chicken to Me
3.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Cotton Field Blues
4.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Red River Blues
5.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Coon Can Blues
6.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Mississippi Strut
7.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Cleveland Strut
8.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Scoville Ave. Blues
9.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Michigan Shoe Blues
10.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Traveling Daddy
11.Ruby Paul / Red Letter Blues
12.Ruby Paul / Last Farewell Blues
13.Jack O'Diamonds / The Ducks Yas Yas
14.Jack O'Diamonds / Smiling Blues
15.Lonnie Clark / Broke Down Engine
16.Lonnie Clark / Down in Tennessee
17.Smoky Harrison / Hop Head Blues
18.Smoky Harrison / Iggly Oggly Blues
19.Smoky Harrison / St. Peter's Blues -- Part 1
20.Smoky Harrison / St. Peter's Blues -- Part 2
21.Paramount All Stars / Hometown Skiffle -- Part 1
22.Paramount All Stars / Hometown Skiffle -- Part 2
23.Too Bad Boys / Corrine Corrina Blues
24.Too Bad Boys / Ballin' the Jack
25.Freddie Brown / Raised in the Alley Blues
26.Freddie Brown / Whip It to a Jelly

Document Records: Ragtime Blues Guitar 1927-1930

1. Dry Bone Shuffle / Blind Blake
2. One Way Gal / William Moore
3. Ragtime Crazy / William Moore
4. Midnight Blues / William Moore
5. Ragtime Millionaire / William Moore
6. Tillie Lee / William Moore
7. Barbershop Rag / William Moore
8. Old Country Rock / William Moore
9. Ragging the Blues / William Moore
10. Brownie Blues / Tartar And Gay
11. Unknown Blues / Tartar And Gay
12. Myrtle Avenue Stomp / Chicken Wilson And Skeeter Hinton
13. D.C. Rag / Chicken Wilson
14. Chicken Wilson Blues / Chicken Wilson
15. House Snake Blues / Chicken Wilson
16. Frog Eye Stomp / Chicken Wilson
17. Station House Rag / Chicken Wilson
18. Jamestown Exhibition / Bayless Rose
19. Black Dog Blues / Bayless Rose
20. Original Blues / Bayless Rose
21. Frisco Blues / Bayless Rose
22. Dupree Blues / Willie Walker
23. South Carolina Rag / Willie Walker (Take 1)
24. South Carolina Rag / Willie Walker (Take 2

Document Records: Memphis Jug Band Associates & Alternate Takes 1927-1930

1 Sun Brimmers Blues (take 1/3)
2 Stingy Woman Blues (take 1)
3 Newport News Blues (take 2)
4 Snitchin' Gambler Blues (take 3)
5 Lindberg Hop (Overseas Stomp) (take 2)
6 Turpentine Blues (Will Weldon)
7 Hitch Me to Your Buggy (Will Weldon)
8 Vol Stevens Blues (Vol Stevens)
9 Baby Got the Rickets (Vol Stevens)
10 Better Leave That Stuff Alone (Will Shade)
11 She Stabbed Me With an Ice-Pick (Will Shade)
12 The Old Folks Started It (take 2) (Minnie Wallace
13 Won't You Be Kind to Me? (Hattie Hart)
14 You Wouldn't, Would You. Papa? (Hattie Hart)
15 Cash Money Blues (Kaiser Clifton)
16 Fort Worth and Denver Blues (Kaiser Clifton)
17 She'll Be Back Someday (Kaiser Clifton)
18 Teach Me Right from Wrong (Kaiser Clifton)
19 Bull Frog Blues (Jenny Pope)
20 Tennessee Workhouse Blues (Jenny Pope)
21 Mr. Postman Blues (Jenny Pope)
22 Rent Man Blues (Jenny Pope)

Document Records: Georgia Blues 1928-1933

1.Curley Weaver / Sweet Petunia
2.Curley Weaver / No No Blues
3.Curley Weaver / No No Blues
4.Guy Lumpkin / Decatur Street Drag
5.Eddie Mapp / Riding the Blinds
6.Curley Weaver / Dirty Deal Blues
7.Curley Weaver / It's the Best Stuff Yet
8.Slim Barton / I'm Hot Like That
9.Slim Barton / Careless Love
10.Slim Barton / Wicked Treatin' Blues
11.Slim Barton / It's Tight Like That
12.Slim Barton / Poor Convict Blues
13.Curley Weaver / Ta Ta Blues
14.Mapp-Moore-Lumpkin / Where You Been So Long
15.Slim Barton / Fourth Avenue Blues
16.Curley Weaver and Clarence Moore / Baby Boogie Woogie
17.Curley Weaver and Clarence Moore / Wild Cat Kitten
18.Fred McMullen / Wait and Listen
19.Fred McMullen / Rolling Mama
20.Fred McMullen and Ruth Willis / Just Can't Stand It
21.Ruth (Mary) Willis / I'm Still Sloppy Drunk
22.Ruth (Mary) Willis / Man of My Own
23.Fred McMullen and Curley Weaver / Poor Stranger Blues
24.Fred McMullen / DeKalb Chain Gang

Document Records: Furry Lewis 1927-1929

1 Everybody's Blues
2 Mr. Furry's Blues
3 Sweet Papa Moan
4 Rock Island Blues
5 Jelly Roll
6 Billy Lyons And Stock O'Lee
7 Good Looking Girl Blues
8 Why Don't You Come Home Blues
9 Falling Down Blues
10 Big Chief Blues
11 Mean Old Bedbug Blues
12 Furry's Blues
13 I Will Turn Your Money Green (take 1)
14 I Will Turn Your Money Green (take 2)
15 Mistreatin' Mama
16 Dry Land Blues
17 Cannon Ball Blues
18 Kassie Jones - Part 1
19 Kassie Jones - Part 2
20 Judge Harsh Blues (take 1)
21 Judge Harsh Blues (take 2)
22 John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) - 1
23 John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) - 2
24 Black Gypsy Blues
25 Creeper's Blues