The Blue Sky Boys: There'll Come A Time & Can't You Hear That Nightbird Crying? (1936)

1.I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
2.Sunny Side Of Life
3.There'll Come A Time
4.Where The Soul Never Dies
5.Midnight On The Stormy Sea
6.Take Up Thy Cross
7.Row Us Over The Tide
8.Down On The Banks Of The Ohio
9.I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled
10.The Dying Boy's Prayer
11.No One To Welcome Me Home
12.Didn't They Crucify My Lord
13.Only Let Me Walk With thee
14.Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying
15.An Old Account Was Settled
16.Sweet Allalee
17.You Give Me Your Love
18.I Believe It
19.When The Ransomed Get Home
20.Fair Eyed Ellen
21.Somebody Makes Me Think Of You

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