More Memories of The Callahan Brothers (cattle277)

1 Once I Had A Darling Mother
2 She's My Curly Headed Baby
3 Ashville Blues
4 Mean Mama
5 I Don't Want To Heard Your Name
6 Katie Dear
7 Don't You Remember The Time
8 Seventeen Years Ago
9 Would If I Could
10 She's My Curly Headed Baby No 2
11 I've Just Been A Brakeman
12 Drive My Blues Away
13 True Lover
14 When A Man's Lonesome
15 Just One Little Kiss
16 The Price I Had To Pay
17 The Best Pal I Had Is Gone
18 I Want To Ask The Stars
19 My Blue-Eyed Jane
20 North Carolina Moon

Swingbillies: Hillbilly and Western Swing on Modern, Colonial, Flair 1947-1952

1.I Knew That You Were Foolin' All Along / Jimme Doan & The Ramblers
2.Little Beaver / Homer Clemons & His Texas Swingbillies
3.You Can't Rope A Steer In A Taxi / Rocky Morgan & His Triple R Boys
4.One Million Railroad Ties From Home (Take 1) / Jimme Doman & His Texas Ramblers
5.High Geared Daddy / Tommy Little & The Sunrise Rangers
6.Holiday For Guitar / Jimmy Bryant & the Sons of the Saddle
7.Tennessee Baby / Jimme Dolan & His Texas Ramblers
8.Trusting You / Bill Woods & His Orange Blossom Playboys
9.Life's A Funny Proposition (After All) / Rocky Morgan & His Triple R Boys
10.The Honey Jump (Part 1) / Jody Webb& His Round Up Boys
11.Baby Did You Lie To Me / Jimme Dolan & His Texas Ramblers
12.Operation Blues / Homer Clemons & His Texas Swingbillies
13.Boogie Barn Dance / Jimmy Bryant & the Sons of the Saddle
14.Big Texas #2 / Papa Cairo & His Boys
15.Those Wonderful Days With You / Joe Bean & His San Antonians
16.Turn That Gun Around / Rocky Morgan & His Triple R Boys
17.You Just Wait & See / Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
18.If You Care Again (Take 1) / Jimme Dolan & His Texas Ramblers
19.Dusty Road Boogie / Jack Tucker & Dusty Rhodes
20.Have I Got A Chance With You / Bill Woods & His Orange Blossom Playboys
21.Pine Club Boogie / Louie Hooks & His Rhythm Five
22.Lover Boy / Ted Shelton & His Bryan County Boys
23.Mind Your Own Business / Jack Tucker & Dusty Rhodes
24.Blue Yodel (Take 2) / Jimme Dolan & His Texas Ramblers
25.My Heart Lied To Me / Ted Shelton & His Bryan County Boys
26.Kooche Kooche / Papa Cairo & His Boys
27.Walkin' The Floor Over You / Jimme Dolan & His Texas Ramblers
28.San Antonio Blues / Cliff Bruner & His Texas Wanderers

Fiddlin' Arthur Smith & his Dixieliners

1 Straw Breakdown
2 Fiddler's Blues
3 I've Had a Big Time Today
4 Going to Town
5 Peacock Rag
6 Weary Weary World
7 Indian Creek
8 Dickson County Blues No 2
9 I'm Bound to Ride
10 K C Stomp
11 Gypsy's Warning
12 Bonapart's Retreat
13 Take Me Back to Tennessee
14 Paris Waltz
15 In the Pines
16 Dickson County Blues
17 Little Darling
18 Red Apple Rag
19 Adieu False Heart
20 Cheatham County Breakdown
21 Hesitating Blues
22 Smith's Rag

Smilin' Billy Blinkhorn: Bushland Yodel (cattle225)

01 - Back To The Old Carriboo (1947)
02 - Bushland Yodel (1947)
03 - My Curly Headed Buckaroo (1947)
04 - Leanin' On The Old Top Rail (1940)
05 - Hilltop Yodel (1947)
06 - I'd Rather Know The Truth (1947)
07 - Sunny Queensland (1947)
08 - Poor Ned Kelly (1947)
09 - Blue Mountain Blues (& His Buckaroos) (1947)
10 - My Dear Old Arizona Home (1940)
11 - Can't You Take It Back And Change It For A Boy (1940)
12 - Weary Cowboy (1947)
13 - There's A Hole In The Old Oaken Bucket (1940)
14 - Colorado Blues (1940)
15 - Sweetheart Yodel (1947)
16 - The Wreck Of The Old 97 (1947)
17 - Mothers's Lullaby (1947)
18 - The Mail Man's Warning (1940)

Cecil Campbell & his Tennessee Ramblers (bronco9003)

01 - No Where, No Time, No Place.mp3
02 - Proud Papa Polka.mp3
03 - Tennessee Steel Guitar (instr.).mp3
04 - Paper Roses.mp3
05 - Fog Rising On The Mountain [# 1] (MGM 1956).mp3
06 - Spookie Boogie.mp3
07 - Gomango (instr.) (MGM 1955).mp3
08 - Catawba River Blues.mp3
09 - Put Some Meat On Them Bones.mp3
10 - Tropical Island.mp3
11 - Tar Heel Rag (instr.).mp3
12 - North Carolina Skies.mp3
13 - Barn Dance Breakdown (instr.).mp3
14 - No Blues, No Blues For Me.mp3
15 - One Little Flower.mp3
16 - Contentment [# 1] (MGM 1956).mp3

Hank Penny: Flamin' Mamie 1938-1941

1.Flamin' Mamie
2.I've Got The Right Key Baby
3.Cheatin' On You Baby
4.She's Just That Kind
5.Blue Melody
6.Yankee Doodle
7.The Last Goodbye
8.Tonight You Belong To Me
9.You're So Different
10.Black Eyed Susie
11.Take It Slow And Easy
12.I Told Them All About You
13.Just A Message
14.Just Forget
15.I Don't Love Anybody But You
16.Looking For Someone To Love
17.Just For Old Time's Sake
18.One Of Us Was Wrong
19.They're All Just The Same To Me
20.I Hate To Lose You
21.Walking Home From An Old Country School
22.Steel Guitar Hula
24.Why Did I Cry?
25.Standing 'Neath The Old Pine Tree
26.Army Blues
27.Off To Honolulu
28.Midnight Blues

The Country All Stars: Jazz From The Hills (1952-1956)

1.Stomping At The Savoy
2.Tennessee Rag
3.Do Something
4.My Little Girl
5.It Goes Like this (That Funny Melody)
6.Midnight Train
7.What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)
9.Fiddle Patch
10.Fiddle Sticks
11.In A Little Spanish Town
12.Sweet Georgia Brown
13.The Lady In Red
14.When It's Darkness On The Delta
15.Indiana March (master)
16.The Vacation Train
17.Indiana March (take 1)
18.Song Of The Wanderer (Where Shall I Go)
19.Royal Garden Blues (master)
20.I'll See You In My Dreams
21.Royal Garden Blues (take 1)

Ernest V. Stoneman: The Edison Recordings 1928

1 Remember the Poor Tramp Has to Live
2 The Prisoner's Lament
3 All Go Hungry Hash House
4 There'll Come a Time
5 Sally Goodin'
6 Careless Love
7 The Eastbound Train
8 The Unlucky Road to Washington
9 The Old Maid and the Burglar
10 Down on the Banks of the Ohio
11 We Parted at the River
12 It's Sinful to Flirt
13 He Was Nailed to the Cross for Me
14 When the Redeemed Are Gathering In
15 Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone
16 Fallen by the Wayside
17 My Mother and My Sweetheart
18 Midnight on the Stormy Deep
19 The Pretty Mohea
20 Watchman Ring That Bell
21 I Remember Calvary
22 He Is Coming After Me

Henry Thomas: Texas Worried Blues 1927-1929

1 Fishing Blues
2 Old Country Stomp
3 Charmin' Betsy
4 Lovin' Babe
5 Railroadin' Some
6 Don't Leave Me Here
7 The Little Red Caboose
8 Bob Mckinney
9 Honey, Won't You Allow Me One More Chance?
10 Run, Mollie, Run
11 Shanty Blues
12 Woodhouse Blues
13 John Henry
14 Cottonfield Blues
15 Arkansas
16 The Fox And The Hounds
17 Red River Blues
18 Jonah In The Wilderness
19 When The Train Comes Along
20 Bull Doze Blues
21 Don't Ease Me In
22 Texas Easy Street
23 Texas worried blues

The Five Red Caps: 1943-1945 (Flyright60)

1.Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night
2.It's Got A Hole In It
3.Get Off That Kick
4.Mary Had A Little Jam
5.Don't Fool With Me
6.Just For You
7.Mama Put Your Britches On
8.It's So Good
9.Gabriel's Band
10.I Learned A Lesson I'll Never Forget
11.I'm Crazy 'Bout You
12.In The Quiet Of The Dawn
13.Grand Cental Station
14.Sugar Lips
15.Strictly On The Safety Side
16.Somebody's Lyin'
17.Was It You
18.There's A Light On The Hill
19.Lenox Avenue Jump
20.Boogie Woogie Ball
22.No Fish Today
23.That's The Stuff
24.Monkey And The Baboon
25.The Boggie Beat'll Getcha If You Don't Watch Out

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: Classics 1930-1931

1.Gotta Darn Good Reason Now (For Bein' Good)
2.St. Louis Blues
3.Sweet Jenny Lee
4.Happy Feet
6.The Viper's Drag
7.Is That Religion
8.Some of These Days
9.Nobody's Sweetheart
10.St. James Infirmary
11.Dixie Vagabond
12.So Sweet
13.Minnie the Moocher
14.Boin' The Rhumba
15.Mood Indigo
16.Farewell Blues
17.I'm Crazy Bout My Baby
18.Creole Love Song
19.The Levee Low-Down
20.Blues In My Heart
21.Black Rhythm
22.Six or Seven Times
23.My Honey's Lovin Arms
24.The Nightmare

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: Classics 1932

1.How Come You Do Me Like You Do
2.Old Yazoo
4.I'm Now Prepared To Tell The World It's You
5.Swanee Lullaby
6.Reefer Man
7.Old Man Of The Mountain
8.You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along With Me)
9.Strange As It Seems
10.This Time It's Love
11.Git Along
12.Hot Toddy
13.I've Got The World On A String
14.Harlem Holiday
15.Dixie Doorway
17.Sweet Rythm
18.Beale Street Mama
19.That's What I Hate About Love
20.The Man From Harlem
21.I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
22.My Sunday Gal
23.Eadie Was A Lady
24.Gotta Go Places And Do Things

Bud & Joe Billings - Singing Pals From Kansas (cattle207)

1.Little Cabin in the Cascade Mountains
2.Steamboat (Keep Rockin')
3.Never Leave Your Gal Too Long
4.On Top of the Hill
5.The Song of The Silver Dollar
6.By The Old Oak Tree
7.Goin Back To Texas
8.When The Sun Goes Down In A Little Prairie Town
9.The Wreck of the Number 9
10.Sleepy Rio Grande
11.Red River Valley
12.I Tore Up Your Picture When You Said Goodbye
13.Moonlight On The Colorado
14.Left My Gal In The Mountains
15.When It's Springtime In The Rockies
16.Heroes of the Vestris
17.When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
18.Tell Me That You Love Me, Dear
19.Barnacle Bill The Sailor
20.The Prison Fire
21.It's The Same The Whole World

Swing Guitar Masterpieces: Oscar Alemán (1/2)

1 Sweet Sue
2 Limehouse Blues
3 Nobody's Sweetheart
4 Whispering
5 Russian Lullaby
6 Just A Little Swing
7 Dear Old Southland
8 Jeeper Creepers
9 Sweet Georgia Brown
10 In The Mood
11 Hombre Mio (Man Of Mine)
12 I've Got Rhythm
13 Begin The Beguine [
14 Bye Bye Blues
15 Negra De Cabello Duro
16 Besame Mucho
17 Tico Tico No Fuba
18 Temptation
19 I Never Knew
20 Caminos Cruzados (Malaguena)
21 Limehouse Blues
22 Scartunas
23 You Made Me Love You
24 Cherokee
25 Stardust
26 Honeysuckle Rose

Swing Guitar Masterpieces: Oscar Alemán (2/2)

1 Lady Be Good
2 Doin' the New Lowdown
3 Improvisaciones Sobre Boogie Woogie
4 Swingin' on a Star
5 Melancolia
6 Sentimental Journey
7 Como te Llamas
8 Bugle Call Rag
9 Darktown Strutter's Ball
10 I'm Beginning to See The Light
11 Blue Skies
12 Twelfth Street Rag
13 Diga Diga Do
14 Swanee River
15 Vieni sul Mar
16 Delicado
17 Scartunas
18 Mia Casita Pequeñita
19 Crazy Rhythm
20 Daphne
21 Dolores
22 April in Portugal
23 You Belong to Me
24 Who's Sorry Now?
25 Tiger Rag
26 Tea for Two

Hillbilly Blues 1928-1946 (1/2)

1.Jimmie Rodgers / Blue Yodel
2.Darby & Tarlton / Heavy Hearted Blues
3.Darby & Tarlton / Freight Train Ramble
4.Jimmie Davis / Arabella Blues
5.Jimmie Davis / Sewing Machine Blues
6.Delmore Brothers / Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
7.Riley Puckett / Chain Gang Blues
8.Jimmie Davis / Easy Rider Blues
9.Allen Brothers / New Deal Blues
10.Milton Brown / Somebody's Been Using That Thing
11.Milton Brown / Texas Hambone Blues
12.Hartman's Heartbreakers / No Huggin' or Kissin'
13.Hartman's Heartbreakers / Grandma and Grandpa
14.Bob Wills / Swing Blues #1
15.Buddy Jones / Mean Old Lonesome Blues
16.Helen Hunt / Married Man Blues
17.Adolph Hofner / I'll Keep My Old Guitar
18.Rambling Rangers / Gettin' Tired

Hillbilly Blues 1928-1946 (2/2)

1.Shelton Brothers / Someday Baby
2.Sunshine Boys / Worried Man's Blues
3.Bob Wills / Honey What You Gonna Do?
4.Ernest Tubb / Mean Mama Blues
5.Sunshine Boys / What's the Matter with Deep Elm?
6.Moon Mullican / Lay Me down Beside My Darling
7.Les Paul / Midnight Special
8.Johnnie Lee Wills / Milk Cow Blues
9.Ernest Tubb / Fort Worth Jail
10.Merle Travis / That's All
11.T. Texas Tyler / T. Texas' Blues
12.Buster Coward / Driftin' Texas Sand
13.Delmore Brothers / Going Back to the Blue Ridge Mountain
14.Jack Guthrie / The Clouds Rained Trouble down
15.Chet Atkins / Guitar Blues
16.Bill Monroe / Blue Yodel #4
17.Gene Sullivan / Kansas City Blues
18.Spade Cooley / You Better Do it Now

Music of the North Carribean (1916-1920!)

1 Quinteto Borinquen - Ausencia
2 Orquesta Tizol - El Valor
3 Quinteto Borinquen - Diamante Negro
4 Canciones Escolares - La Tierruca La Vuelta
5 German Hernandez Trio - Nosotros
6 Orquesta Tizol - Zaza
7 Orquesta Arguinzoni - Ensueno De Gloria
8 Quinteto Borinquen - Elenita
9 Orquesta Casas - Poca Pena
10 Habanero Godinez Sexteto - Mujer Bandolera
11 Habanero Godinez Sexteto - Rosa Que Linda Eres
12 Juan Pages - La Despalilladora
13 Francesa Reveron Orquesta - Con Piano Sublime
14 Felix Gonzalez Orquesta - La Mora
15 Telesforo Del Campo - El Manicomio
16 Felipe Valdes Orquesta - Bombo Camara
17 Felix Gonzalez Orquesta - Carmelina
18 Orquesta Valenzuela - Andando Por Altamira
19 Floro Y Cruz - Las Mulatas De Bombay
20 Orquesta Valdes - La Paloma

Take me to Jamaica

1. Ten Penny Nail – Hubert Porter (Ken Khouri)
2. Samfi Man – Count Lasher & His Quintet (Stanley Motta)
3. Monkey – Lord Messam & His Calypsonians (Stanley Motta)
4. Mussa and John Tom – Alerth Bedasse & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
5. Medley: Mango Walk/Give Me Back Me Shilling/Sweetie Charlie – Lord Tickler (Ken Khouri
6. Gal A Gully/Matilda – Lord Composer & The Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra (Stanley Motta)
7. Reap What You Sew – Everard Williams & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
8. Mas Charley Bell (Medley: Iron Bar/Mas Charley Bell) – Hubert Porter (Ken Khouri)
9. Jamaican Medley # Five (Jackass/Ya Ma Mama Ma Ma) – Lord Tickler (Ken Khouri)
10. Guzoo Doctor - Alerth Bedasse & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
11. I Don’t Know – Lord Fly with Dan Williams and His Orchestra (Stanley Motta)
12. Green Guava – Lord Tickler (Ken Khouri)
13. Monkey’s Opinion – Alerth Bedasse & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
14. The Naughty Little Flea – Boysie Grant & Reynold’s Calypso Clippers (Stanley Motta)
15. Names Of Funny Places – Hubert Porter (Ken Khouri)
16. Industrial Fair – Alerth Bedasse & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
17. Parish Gal – Harold Richardson & The Ticklers (Stanley Motta)
18. Limbo – Lord Tickler (Ken Khouri)
19. Wheel And Tun Me – Lord Flea (Ken Khouri)
20. Big Boy Instrumental – Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
21. Tracer Gal – Hubert Porter with George Moxey & His Quintet (Stanley Motta)
22. Come To Jamaica – Alliandro Clarke & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)
23. Medley: Linstead Market/Hold ‘Im Joe/Dog War A Matches Lane/Emanuel Roa – Lord Fly with Dan Williams and His Orchestra (Stanley Motta)
24. Let’s Make Ring Play - Alerth Bedasse & Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Ivan Chin)

Legends of Calypso

1. André Toussaint: Calypso Island (Alice Simms)
2. Calypso Mama: Court House Scandal (Maureen DuValiera)
3. Peanuts Taylor: Lizzie Carry Basket (John Berkley Taylor)
4. Blind Blake: De Pig an' Goat (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
5. Blind Blake: Brown Skin Gal / Mary Ann (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
6. Leslie Scott & Irene Williams: Crazy like Mad (Irene Williams)
7. Calypso Eddie: Matilda (Norman Span)
8. Harold "Digby" McNair: Back to Back (Zombie Jamboree) (Conrad Mauge)
9. Mighty Panther: Barbados Carnival (Vernon J. Roberts) -
10. Brownie: The Bedbug Song (Irving Brown/Alwyn Richards)
11. Calypso Mama: De Peas 'n' de Rice (Maureen DuValiera) -
12. Blind Blake: Gin & Coconut Water (Blake Alphonso Higgs) -
13. AndrÉ Toussaint: Yellow Bird (Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Norman Luboff)
14. Mighty Panther: Mama Hold De Light (Vernon J. Roberts)
15. Blind Blake: Bahama Lullaby Rock (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
16. Calypso Mama: Don't Touch Me Tomato (trad., arr. by Maureen DuValiera)
17. AndrÉ Toussaint: Hold 'em Joe (Roy Thomas)
18. Leslie Scott & Irene Williams: Scratch My Back (Leslie Scott & Irene Williams)
19. Blind Blake: Bellamena (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
20. Mighty Panther: Nora Nora (Vernon J. Roberts)
21. Blind Blake: O' Look Misery (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
22. AndrÉ Touissant: Watermelon Spoilin’ / Here I Go Walkin’ (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
23. Blind Blake: The Monkey Song (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
24. Mighty Panther: The Big Bamboo (Vernon J. Roberts)
25. Colin Kelly: The Snorkel Song (Colin Kelly)

London is the place for me: Trinidadian Calypso 1950-1956

1.Lord Kitchener / London is the place for me
2.Young Tiger / I was there (at the Coronation)
3.Lord Beginner / Mix up matrimony
4.Lord Kitchener / My landlady
5.Lord Kitchener / Kitch's bebop calypso
6.Lord Beginner / Victory test match
7.Lord Kitchener / Birth of Ghana
8.Lord Invader / Aguiti
9.Lord Beginner / Jamaica Hurricane
10.Lord Kitchener / Kitch in the jungle
11.Mighty Terror / No carnival in Britain
12.Lord Kitchener / The underground train
13.Lord Beginner / Housewives
14.The Lion / Some girl something
15.Lord Kitchener / Saxophone No. 2
16.Lord Beginner / Fed-A-Ray
17.Timothy / Bulldog don't bite me
18.The Lion / Spanish Calypso
19.Lord Kitchener / If you're not white you're black
20.Lord Kitchener / Sweet Jamaica

Jamaica before the Ska

1.Louise Bennett - Linstead Market
2.Louise Bennett - Bongo Man
3.Lord Composer - Hill & Gully Ride - Mandeville Road
4.Lord Composer - Gal A Gully - Matilda
5.Lord Fly - Swine Lane Gal - Iron Bar
6.Lord Fly - When Me Look Upon Janie - So Ada - Time So Hard
7.Lord Fly - Strike, Strike, Strike
8.Harold Richardson - Healing In The Balmyard
9.Count Lasher - Sam Fi Man
10.Count Lasher - Mango Time
11.Count Lasher - Calypso Cha Cha Cha
12.Baba Motta - Jamaica Talk
13.Lord Fly - Blu-Lu-Lup
14.Tony Johnson - Give Her Banana
15.Lord Flea - It All Began With Adam And Eve
16.Ben Bowers - Not Me
17.Lord Power - Let's Do It
18.Lord Power - Penny-Reel
19.Lord Power - Chamboline
20.Laurel Aitken - Sweet Chariot
21.Laurel Aitken - Nebuchnezer
22.Laurel Aitken - Baba Kill Me Goat
23.Laurel Aitken - Tribute To Collie Smith

Music of Martinique 1929-1950 (FlyCd)

1 L'Orchestre Antillais - Sepent Maigre
2 L'Orchestre Antillais - Mussieu Dollar
3 Orchestre E Leardee - La Belle Amelie
4 Orchestre Creol - Ninon
5 Orchestre Creol - En Bas Caille La
6 Notte and his Creole Band - Taint No Sin
7 Notte and his Creole Band - I'Ve Found A Wonderful Girl
8 Salnave and His Band - Brown Love
9 Jazz Sam Castandet - Sweet Georgia Brown
10 Haitian Orchestra - Sous Les Palmiers
11 Fredy Jumbo - Swing 42
12 Jean Ferret - Swing Guitars
13 Harry Cooper et son Orchestre - Nuages
14 Ensemble Swing Du Hot Club Colonial - Georgina
15 Jam Session No. 6 - China Boy
16 Orchestre Del's Jazz - La Figuie

Sir Lancelot - Trinidad is Changing 1942-1950


Johnny Horton

John Gale Horton (April 30, 1925–November 5, 1960), known professionally as Johnny Horton, was an American country music and rockabilly singer most famous for his semi-folk, so-called "saga songs" which began the "historical ballad" craze of the late 1950s and early 1960s. With them, he had several major successes, most notably during 1959 with the song "The Battle of New Orleans" which was awarded the 1960 Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording. The song was awarded the Grammy Hall of Fame Award, and during 2001 ranked No. 333 of the Recording Industry Association of America's "Songs of the Century".
During 1960, Horton had two other successes with "North to Alaska" for John Wayne's movie, North to Alaska, and "Sink the Bismarck." Horton is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1950-1955)

01 On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine
02 I'm Talkin', Start Walkin'
03 Lipstick on Your Collar
04 From One O'Clock to Midnight
05 Pretty as a Queen
06 Little Jeannie
07 Prince Edward Island Is Heaven to Me
08 From Paree to Tennessee
09 Honey, Honey Mine
10 Come Back to This Heart of Mine
11 In Sunny Tennessee
12 She Took
13 Don't Stop - I Like It!
14 Fuzzy-Wuzzy Teddy Bear
15 Pale Moon.mp3
16 The Waltz of the Bridge
17 Yes I Do, No I Don't (The Question Song)
18 When It's Appleblossomtime in Annapolis Valley
19 Lord Please Tell Me, Do
20 I'll Be Waiting Patiently
21 One Poor Lonely Heart
22 Mama Come Home
23 Tom-Tom Yodel
24 Jealous Love
25 No Heart at All
26 Add a Name
27 Gonna Build a Fence Around You
28 Tell It Righ
29 I Heard the Bluebirds Sing
30 It's Good-Bye and So Long to You

Jumpin' Bill Carlisle: Busy Body Boogie

1. Busy Body Boogie
2. Rattlesnake Daddy
3. Love, Love, Love (That What It Is)
4. No Help Wanted
5. Something Different
6. Knot Hole
7. T'ain't Nice
8. Too Old To Cut The Mustard
9. Is Zat You Myrtle?
10. I Need A Little Help
11. Doggie Joe
12. Feet Don't Fail Me (This Time)
13. Shake A Leg
14. If You Don't Want It
15. Female Hercules
16. Honey Love
17. New Liza Jane
18. I Don't Want To Run
19. Money Tree
20. Ladder Of Love
21. Old Fashioned Love
22. I'm Rough Stuff
23. Dumb Bunny
24. Who's A-Gonna Stop Me
25. Uncle Bud
26. Bessie Lou
27. How Will I Know
28. Tiny Space Man
29. Down Boy
30. Air Brakes
31. John Came Home
32. Monkey Business
33. A Mouse Been Messing Aroung
34. Woman Driver

Roy Acuff: The King of Country Music (1/2)

1.Tied Down
2.What Will I Do
3.Is it Love or is it Lies
4.Lonesome Me
5.Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
6.Don't Say Goodbye
7.Swamp Lily
8.Sixteen Chickens and a Tambourine
9.Rushing Around
10.Whoa Mule
11.Sunshine Special
12.I Closed My Heart's Door
13.I'm Planting a Rose
14.River of Crystal
15.Please Daddy Forgive
16.Streamline Heartbreaker
17.I Closed My Heart's Door
18.Six More Days
19.The Thief Upon Thee Tree
20.Don't Judge Your Neighbor
21.The Night Spots (Of the Town)
22.The Great Speckled Bird
23.Lonely Mound of Clay
24.Pins and Needles (In My Heart)
25.Wabash Cannonball
26.The Great Judgement Morning
27.The Wreck on the Highway
28.The Precious Jewel
29.Night Train to Memphis

Roy Acuff: The King of Country Music (2/2)

1: That's What Makes The Jukebox Play
2: Little Moses
3: What Do You Think About Me
4: Oh Those Tombs
5: Come Back Little Pal
6: Fireball Mail
7: I'm Building A Home (In The Sky)
8: Great Titanic
9: Goodbye Mr Brown
10: Mother Hold Me Tight
11: Crazy Worried Mind
12: Along The China Coast
13: It's Hard To Love
14: Plant Some Flowers By My Graveside
15: I Wanta To Be Loved
16: I Like Mountain Music
17: Jesus Died For Me
18: Thank God
19: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
20: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
21: Unclouded Day
22: Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
23: Lord Build Me A Cabin
24: Where The Soul Never Dies
25: Shake My Mother's Hand For Me
26: Take My Hand Precious Lord
27: This World Is Not My Home
28: Where Could I Go But To The Lord

Texas Blues Guitar: Little Hat Jones, "Funny Paper" Smith 1929-1935

1.Little Hat Jones / New Two Sixteen Blues
2.Little Hat Jones / Two String Blues
3.Little Hat Jones / Rolled From Side To Side Blues
4.Little Hat Jones / Hurry Blues
5.Little Hat Jones / Little Hat Blues
6.Little Hat Jones / Corpus Blues
7.Little Hat Jones / Kentucky Blues
8.Little Hat Jones / Bye Bye Baby Blues
9.Little Hat Jones / Cross The Water Blues
10.Little Hat Jones / Cherry Street Blues
11.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Heart Bleeding Blues
12.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Hard Luck Man Blues
13.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Howling Wolf Blues - No. 3
14.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Howling Wolf Blues - No. 4
15.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Wiskeyhead Blues
16.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Forty-Five Blues
17.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Fool's Blues
18.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Before Long
19.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Bantam Rooster Blues
20.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith / Ninth Street Stomp

Texas Blues 1927-1937 with Gene Campbell, Alex Moore, Black Ivory King and others

1 Gene Campbell - Mama, You Don't Mean No Good No How
2 Gene Campbell - Bended Knee Blues
3 Gene Campbell - Wandering Blues
4 Gene Campbell - Robbin' & Stealin' Blues
5 Gene Campbell - I Wish I Could Die
6 Gene Campbell - Lazy Woman Blues
7 Gene Campbell - Levee Camp Man Blues
8 Gene Campbell - Western Plain Blues
9 Gene Campbell - Don't Leave Me Blue Blues
10 Gene Campbell - Doggone Mean Blues
11 Gene Campbell - Crooked Woman Blues
12 Gene Campbell - Overalls Papa Blues
13 Whistlin' Alex Moore - It Wouldn't Be So Hard
14 Whistlin' Alex Moore - Blue Bloomer Blues
15 Whistlin' Alex Moore - Come Back Baby
16 Whistlin' Alex Moore - Bull Con Blues
17 Whistlin' Alex Moore - Hard Hearted Woman
18 Blind Morris - Sundown Blues
19 Blind Morris - The Katy Blues
20 Black Ivory King - The Flying Crow
21 Black Ivory King - Match Box Blues
22 Henry Thomas - John Henry
23 Henry Thomas - Cottonfield Blues
24 Henry Thomas - Arkansas
25 Henry Thomas - The Fox & The Hounds
26 Henry Thomas - Red River Blues

White Country Blues 1926-1938 (1/2)

1 Frank Hutchinson/K.C. Blues
2 Frank Hutchinson/Cannon Ball Blues
3 Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers/Leaving Home
4 Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers/If The River Was Whiskey
5 Cauley Family/Duplin County Blues
6 Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton/Sweet Sarah Blues
7 Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton/Frankie Dean
8 Riley Puckett/A Darkey's Wail
9 Clarence Green/Johnson City Blues
10 The Carolina Buddies/Mistreated Blues
11 Tom Ashley/Haunted Road Blues
12 Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseans/Steel Guitar Blues
13 Carlisle & Ball/Guitar Blues
14 Carlisle & Ball/I Want A Good Woman
15 Cliff Carlisle/Ash Can Blues
16 Val & Pete/Yodel Blues (Part 1)
17 Val & Pete/Yodel Blues (Part 2)
18 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bouchillion/Adam & Eve (Part 2)
19 W.T. Narmour & S.W. Smith/Carroll County Blues
20 Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers/Ramblin' Blues
21 Frank Hutchinson/Worried Blues
22 Frank Hutchinson/Train That Carried The Girl From Town
23 Roy Harvey & Leonard Copeland/Lonesome Weary Blues
24 W. Lee O'Daniel & His Hillbilly Boys/Bear Cat Mama

White Country Blues 1926-1938 (2/2)

1 Blue Ridge Ramblers - Jug Rag
2 Prairie Ramblers - Deep Elem Blues
3 Clayton McMichen - Prohibition Blues
4 Larry Hensley - Match Box Blues
5 Callahan Brothers - Somebody's Been Using That Thing
6 Homer Callahan - Rattle Snake Daddy
7 Homer Callahan - My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down
8 W. Lee O'Daniel & His Hillbilly Boys - Dirty Hangover Blues
9 W. Lee O'Daniel & His Hillbilly Boys - Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
10 Asa Martin & His Kentucky Hillbillies - Lonesome, Broke And Weary
11 Cliff Carlisle - Chicken Roost Blues
12 Cliif Carlisle - Tom Cat Blues
13 Bill Cox & Cliff Hobbs - Oozlin' Daddy Blues
14 Bill Cox & Cliff Hobbs - Kansas City Blues
15 Ramblin' Red Lowery - Ramblin' Red's Memphis Yodel No. 1
16 Anglin Brothers - Southern Whoopie Song
17 Allen Brothers - Drunk And Nutty Blues
18 Allen Brothers - Chattanooga Mama
19 Smiling Bill Carlisle - String Bean Mama
20 Smiling Bill Carlisle - Copper Head Mama
21 Bill Cox - Long Chain Charlie Blues
22 Bill Cox - Georgia Brown Blues
23 Al Dexter - New Jelly Roll Blues
24 The Rhythm Wreckers - Never No Mo' Blues

Riley Puckett: There's a hard time coming (1925-1940)

1.Dream Train
2.Red River Valley (1)
3.Rock A Bye baby
4.Frankie And Johnny
5.The Orphan Girl
6.There's A Hard Time Coming
7.Fire On The Mountain
8.Bring Me Back My Blue Eyed Boy
9.Dear Old Dixieland
10.I Get The Blues When It Rains
11.Alabama Gal
12.When I Grow Too Old To Dream
13.Oh Susanna
14.It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
15.Altoona Freight Wreck
16.All Bound Down In Prison
17.Little Sir Echo
18.To Wed You In The Golden Summertime
19.When You Wore A Tulip
20.Down In Arkansas
21.Red River Valley (2)


Corridos & Tragedias De La Frontera (1/2)

1.Pedro Rocha and Lupe Martínez / Gregorio Cortéz (Parts 1 & 2)
2.Los Madrugadores / Joaquín Murrieta (Parts 1 & 2)
3.Hermanos Bañuelos / El Deportado (Parts 1 & 2)
4.Hernández & Sifuentes / La Elena (Parts 1 & 2)
5.Ramos & Treviño / La Ciudad De Jauja (Parts 1 & 2)
6.Silvano Ramos & Daniel Ramírez / El Corrido De Texas
7.Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martínez / Corrido Pensilvanio
8.Los Madrugadores / Corrido De Los Hermanos Hernández (Parts 1 & 2)
9.Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martinez / Jesús Cadena (Parts 1 & 2)
10.Trio Matamoros / El Huerfano (Parts 1 & 2)
11.Dúo Latino / La Crisis
12.Los Cancioneros Alegres / La Crisis Actual (Parts 1 & 2)
13.Hermanos Bañuelos / Corrido De Juan Reyna (Parts 1 & 2)
14.Nacho & Justino / Suicidio De Juan Reyna (Parts 1 & 2)

Corridos & Tragedias De La Frontera (2/2)

1.Dúo El Arte Mexicano / El Contrabando Del Paso (Parts 1 & 2)
2.Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martínez / Contrabandistas Tequileros (Parts 1 & 2)
3.Francisco Montalvo and Andrés Berlanga / Corrido De Los Bootleggers (Parts 1 & 2)
4.Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martínez / Capitán Charles Stevens (Parts 1 & 2)
5.Silvano Ramos & Ortega / La Tragedia De Oklahoma (Parts 1 & 2)
6.Trinidad & María López / Corrido De La Niña June Robles (Parts 1 & 2)
7.Sifuentes & Guzmán / Inundación De Nogales (Parts 1 & 2)
8.Hermanos Bañuelos / Corrido De Bonifacio Torres (Parts 1 & 2)
9.Hermanos Chavarría / Luz Arcos (Parts 1 & 2)
10.Salas & Mendoza / Nuevo Corrido De Laredo (Parts 1 & 2)
11.Cancioneros Picarescos / El Mosco Americano
12.Los Madrugadores / Zenaida (Parts 1 & 2)
13.Antonio Flores & Manuel Valdéz / La Quejas De Zenaida (Parts 1 & 2)

Document Records: Buddy Moss 1933 (Vol 1)

1.bye bye mama
2.daddy don't care river blues
4.cold country blues
5.prowling woman
6.tb's killing me
7.when i'm dead and gone
8.hard time blues
9.prowlin' gambler blues
10.hard road blues
11.jealous hearted man
12.midnight rambler gal
14.restless night blues
15.married man blues
16.somebody keeps calling me
17.back to my used to be
18.back to used to be 2
19.can't use you no more
20.can't use you no more 2
21.travelin' blues
22.bachelor's blues
23.broke down engine

Document Records: Buddy Moss 1933-1934 (Vol 2)

1.broke down engine no. 2 take 1
2.broke down engine no. 2 take 2
3.b & o blues no. 2
4.some lonesome day take 1
5.some lonesome day take 2 lovin' blues
7.unkind woman
8.when the hearse roll me from my door
9.insane blues
10.tricks ain't walking no more
11.stinging bull nettle
12.oh lordy mama
13.dough rolling papa
14.some lonesome day
15.misery man blues
16.jinx man blues
17.evil hearted woman
18.too dog gone jealous
19.someday baby (i'll have mine) me, baby, love me
21.sleepless night
22.shake it all night long

Document Records: Buddy Moss 1935-1941 (Vol 3)

01 Gravy Server
02 Going To Your Funeral In A Vee Eight Ford
03 My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind
04 Undertaker Blues
05 Oh Lordy Mama No.2
06 Worrysome Woman
07 Your Hard Head Will Bring You Sorrow Some Day
08 Can't Use You No More
09 See What You Done Done
10 Stop Hanging Around
11 On My Way
12 How About You
13 Talking About My Time
14 You Got To Give Me Some Of It
15 Mistreated Boy
16 You Need A Woman
17 Joy Rag
18 Little Angel Blues
19 Struggle Buggie
20 I'm Sittin' Here Tonight
21 Baby You're The One For Me
22 Unfinished Business

Document Records: Deep South Blues Piano (1935-1937)

01 - Please Don't Do It No More - Harry Chatmon
02 - Letter from Texas - Harry Chatmon
03 - Hoo Doo Blues - Harry Chatmon
04 - Smoke-Stack Blues - Harry Chatmon
05 - Deep Blue Ocean Blues - Harry Chatmon
06 - These Jackson Women Will Not Treat You Right - Harry Chatmon
07 - Black Ants Blues - Harry Chatmon
08 - Quarrelin' Mama Blues - Harry Chatmon
09 - Rootin' Ground-Hog Blues - Blind Mack
10 - Keep Your Good Woman Home - Blind Mack
11 - Short Hair Blues - Kid Stormy Weather
12 - Bread and Water Blues - Kid Stormy Weather
13 - If I Leave Her Running - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
14 - Dirty No Gooder - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
15 - Clay County Blues - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
16 - Lonesome House Blues - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
17 - Lost Woman Blues - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
18 - You Don't Know My Mind - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
19 - Broke and Hungry - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
20 - T.P.N. Moaner - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
21 - I Can't Take It Anymore - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
22 - Uptown Blues - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
23 - Blues After Sundown - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
24 - Open Back Door Blues - Mack Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield

Vintage Hawaiian Music: Sol Hoopi - Master Of The Hawaiian Guitar Vol 1 (1926-1930)

1. Twelfth Street Rag
2. I Ain't Got Nobody
3. Hula Blues (original version)
4. Chimes
5. Sweet Lei Lehua
6. Most Of All I Want Your Love
7. Feelin' No Pain
8. Kilohana
9. Stack O'Lee Blues
10. St Louis Blues
11. Patches
12. Alekoki
13. Farewell Blues 2:52
14. Singing The Blues
15. Hilo
16. Tin Roof Blues

Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers (A)

1.The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee
2.I'm the Man that Rode the Mule Around the World
3.Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister
4.Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues
5.Flyin' Clouds
6.Wild Horse
7.Forks of Sandy
8.Moutain Reel
9.Goodbye Booze
10.Monkey On A String
11.The Brave Engineer
12.Too Young To Marry
13.Ragtime Annie
14.Leaving Home
15.Budded Rose
16.There'll Come a Time
17.White House Blues
18.The Highwayman
19.Hungry Hash House
20.If I Lose, I Don't Care
21.You Ain't Talkin' to Me
22.From Tennessee
23.The Letter That Never Came
24.Falling by the Wayside

Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers (B)

1.Take a Drink On Me
2.Sunset March [tune]
3.Wreck of the Virginian No. 3
4.Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Medley
5.Please, Papa Come Home
6.The Old Clay Pipe
7.Write a Letter to My Mother
8.Poor Little Joe
9.We Will Outshine the Sun
10.Walking on the Streets of Glory
11.I Can Not Call Her Mother
12.Pearl Bryant
13.Take Back the Ring
14.Give My Love to Nell
15.My Mother and my Sweetheart
16.Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage
17.Bill Mason
18.Kitty Blye
19.I'm Glad I'm Married
20.Sweet Sunny South
21.Blue Eyes
22.Bluefield Murder, The
23.I'll Be There, Mary Dear
24.What Is Home Without Love
25.There'll Come a Time

Document Records: Blind Willie McTell 1927-1931 (Vol 1)

01 Writing Paper Blues
02 Stole Rider Blues
03 Mama, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day
04 Mr. McTell Got the Blues
05 Mr. McTell Got the Blues
06 Three Women Blues
07 Dark Night Blues
08 Statesboro Blues
09 Loving Talking Blues
10 Atlanta Strut
11 Travelin' Blues
12 Come on Around to My House Mama
13 Kind Mama
14 Teasing Brown
15 Drive Away Blues
16 This Is Not the Stove to Brown Your Bread
17 Love Changing Blues
18 Talkin' to Myself
19 Razor Blues
20 Southern Can Is Mine
21 Broke Down Engine
22 Stomp Down Rider
23 Scarey Day Blues

Document Records: Blind Willie McTell 1931-1933 (Vol 2)

01 Rough Alley Blues
02 Experience Blues
03 Painful Blues
04 Low Rider's Blues
05 Georgia Rag
06 Low Down Blues
07 Rollin' Mama Blues
08 Lonesome Day Blues
09 Mama, Let Me Scoop for You
10 Searching the Desert for the Blues
11 Warm It up to Me
12 It's Your Time to Worry
13 It's a Good Little Thing
14 You Was Born to Die
15 Lord Have Mercy If You Please
16 Don't You See How This World Made a Change
17 Savannah Mama
18 Broke Down Engine
19 Broke Down Engine No. 2
20 My Baby's Gone
21 Love-Makin' Mama
22 Death Room Blues
23 Death Cell Blues
24 Lord, Send Me an Angel

Document Records: Blind Willie McTell 1933-1935 (Vol 3)

01 B & O Blues, No. 2 [#1]
02 B & O Blues, No. 2 [#2]
03 Weary Hearted Blues
04 Bell Street Lightnin'
05 Southern Can Mama
06 Runnin' Me Crazy
07 East St. Louis Blues
08 Ain't It Grand to Be a Christian
09 We Got to Meet Death One Day, Take A
10 We Got to Meet Death One Day, Take B
11 Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
12 I Got Religion, I'm So Glad
13 Dying Gambler
14 God Don't Like It
15 Bell Street Blues
16 Let Me Play With Yo' Yo-Yo
17 Lay Some Flowers on My Grave
18 Ticket Agent Blues
19 Cold Winter Day
20 Your Time to Worry
21 Cooling Board Blues
22 Hillbilly Willie's Blues

Document Records: Blind Willie McTell 1940 Library Of Congress Recordings

1 Just as Well Get Ready, You Got to Die
2 Monologue on Accidents
3 Boll Weevil
4 Delia
5 Dying Crapshooter's Blues
6 Will Fox
7 I Got to Cross the River Jordan
8 Monologue on Old Songs
9 Amazing Grace
10 Monologue on History of the Blues-Monologue on Life as Maker of Records-Monologue on Himself
11 King Edward Blues
12 Murderer's Home Blues
13 Kill-It-Kid Rag
14 Chainey
15 I Got to Cross De River O'Jordan

Blind Willie McTell: Pig'n Whistle Red (with Curley Weaver) 1949

1 Don't Forget It
2 Good Little Thing
3 You Can't Get Stuff No More
4 Love Changing Blues
5 Savannah Mama
6 Talkin' To You Mama
7 East St. Louis
8 A To Z Blues
9 Wee Midnight Hours
10 Brown Skin Woman
11 I Keep On Drinkin'
12 Pal Of Mine (take 1)
13 Pal Of Mine (take 2)
14 Honey It Must Be Love
15 Sending Up My Timber (take 1)
16 Sending Up My Timber (take 2)
17 Lord Have Mercy If you Please
18 Climbing High Mountains
19 It's My Desire
20 Hide Me In Thy Bosom