Document Records: Georgia Blues 1928-1933

1.Curley Weaver / Sweet Petunia
2.Curley Weaver / No No Blues
3.Curley Weaver / No No Blues
4.Guy Lumpkin / Decatur Street Drag
5.Eddie Mapp / Riding the Blinds
6.Curley Weaver / Dirty Deal Blues
7.Curley Weaver / It's the Best Stuff Yet
8.Slim Barton / I'm Hot Like That
9.Slim Barton / Careless Love
10.Slim Barton / Wicked Treatin' Blues
11.Slim Barton / It's Tight Like That
12.Slim Barton / Poor Convict Blues
13.Curley Weaver / Ta Ta Blues
14.Mapp-Moore-Lumpkin / Where You Been So Long
15.Slim Barton / Fourth Avenue Blues
16.Curley Weaver and Clarence Moore / Baby Boogie Woogie
17.Curley Weaver and Clarence Moore / Wild Cat Kitten
18.Fred McMullen / Wait and Listen
19.Fred McMullen / Rolling Mama
20.Fred McMullen and Ruth Willis / Just Can't Stand It
21.Ruth (Mary) Willis / I'm Still Sloppy Drunk
22.Ruth (Mary) Willis / Man of My Own
23.Fred McMullen and Curley Weaver / Poor Stranger Blues
24.Fred McMullen / DeKalb Chain Gang

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