Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937 (1/2)

1.Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah / The Spasm
2.Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett / Tanner's Boarding House
3.Lil McClintock / Don't Think I'm Santa Claus
4.Dallas String Band with Coley Jones / Hokum Blues
5.Shorty Godwin / Jimbo Jambo Land
6.Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers / Gonna Swing on the Golden Gate
7.Pink Anderson & Simmie Doley / Papa's 'Bout to Get Mad
8.Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright / The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never was a Married Man
9.Jim Jackson / By, Bye, Policeman
10.Walter Smith / The Bald-headed End of a Broom
11.Allen Brothers / Bow Wow Blues
12.Beans Hambone & El Morrow / Beans
13.Stovepipe #1 & David Crockett / A Chicken Can Waltz the Gravy Around
14.Grant Brothers & Their Music / Tell It to Me
15.Carolina Tar Heels / Ain't No Use Working So Hard
16.Walter Cole / Mama Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean
17.Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet / C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken
18.Banjo Joe / My Money Never Runs Out
19.Henry Thomas "Ragtime Texas" / Railroadin' Some
20.Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers / Travelling Man
21.Johnson-Nelson-Porkchop / G. Burns is Gonna Rise Again
22.Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers / Baby All Night Long
23.Chris Bouchillon / Born in Hard Luck
24.Memphis Sheiks / He's In the Jailhouse Now

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