Document Records: Memphis Jug Band Associates & Alternate Takes 1927-1930

1 Sun Brimmers Blues (take 1/3)
2 Stingy Woman Blues (take 1)
3 Newport News Blues (take 2)
4 Snitchin' Gambler Blues (take 3)
5 Lindberg Hop (Overseas Stomp) (take 2)
6 Turpentine Blues (Will Weldon)
7 Hitch Me to Your Buggy (Will Weldon)
8 Vol Stevens Blues (Vol Stevens)
9 Baby Got the Rickets (Vol Stevens)
10 Better Leave That Stuff Alone (Will Shade)
11 She Stabbed Me With an Ice-Pick (Will Shade)
12 The Old Folks Started It (take 2) (Minnie Wallace
13 Won't You Be Kind to Me? (Hattie Hart)
14 You Wouldn't, Would You. Papa? (Hattie Hart)
15 Cash Money Blues (Kaiser Clifton)
16 Fort Worth and Denver Blues (Kaiser Clifton)
17 She'll Be Back Someday (Kaiser Clifton)
18 Teach Me Right from Wrong (Kaiser Clifton)
19 Bull Frog Blues (Jenny Pope)
20 Tennessee Workhouse Blues (Jenny Pope)
21 Mr. Postman Blues (Jenny Pope)
22 Rent Man Blues (Jenny Pope)

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