Document Records: Son House and the Great Delta Blues Singers 1928-1930

1.Son House / My Black Mama (Part I)
2.Son House / My Black Mama (Part II)
3.Son House / Preachin' The Blues (Part I)
4.Son House / Preachin' The Blues (Part II)
5.Son House / Dry Spell Blues (Part I)
6.Son House / Dry Spell Blues (Part II)
7.Son House / Walking Blues
8.Willie Brown / M & O blues
9.Willie Brown / Future Blues
10.Kid Bailey / Mississippi Bottom Blues
11.Kid Bailey / Rowdy Blues
12.Garfield Akers / Cottonfield Blues (Part I)
13.Garfield Akers / Cottonfield Blues (Part II)
14.Garfield Akers / Dough Roller Blues
15.Garfield Akers / Jumpin' And Shoutin' Blues
16.Joe Calicott / Fare Thee Well Blues
17.Joe Calicott / Traveling Mama Blues
18.Jim Thompkins / Bedside Blues
19.Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds / Outside Woman Blues
20.Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds / Nehi Blues
21.Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds / Married Man Blues
22.Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds / Third Street Woman Blues
23.Rube Lacy / Mississippi Jail House Groan
24.Rube Lacy / Ham Hound Crave

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