American most colorful Hillbilly Band 1946-1951 (1)

1.George's Playhouse Boogie
2.Midnight Train
3.Shimmy Shakin' Daddy
4.Careless Driver
5.Move It On Over
6.Whoa Sailor
7.Milk Cow Blues
8.Mean and Wicked Boogie
9.Brown Eyes
10.Honky Tonkin'
11.Time nor Tide
12.I Want to Live and Love [see note]
13.Philadelphia Lawyer
14.Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
15.When I Lay My Burdens Down
16.Hangover Blues
17.Water Baby Boogie
18.Dark as the Dungeon
19.Mule Train
20.Oklahoma Sweetheart Sally Ann
21.Faded Love
22.New Step It Up and Go
23.(Pay Me) Alimony
24.I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
25.Your Love Light Never Shone
26.Meanest Man in Town
27.I Want to Live and Love

American most colorful Hillbilly Band 1946-1951 (2)

01 New Mule Skinner Blues
02 I Couldn't Believe It Was True
03 You've Been Talking in Your Sleep
04 Gosh, I Miss You All the Time
05 I'm Sending Daffydills
06 South
07 Chill in My Heart
08 Texas Guitar Stomp
09 Eight Thirty Blues
10 It's Only Human Nature
11 Why Not Confess
12 I'll Never Do It Again
13 Just One Little Kiss
14 I Love the Women
15 I Still Write Your Name in the Sand
16 (Last Night) I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep
17 You're Gonna Be Sorry Some of These Days
18 No One Is Sweeter Than You
19 Detour No. 2
20 Mama Says It's Naughty
21 I've Stopped My Dreaming About You
22 Kiss Me Quick and Go
23 Freight Train Boogie
24 Lonesome Hearted Blues
25 Cherokee Maiden
26 Okie Boogie
27 No One Will Ever Know
28 Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume
29 Garden in the Sky
30 Dear Lord, Take My Hand

Ma Rainey: Black Cat Hoot Owl (1923-1928)

1 Bad luck blues
2 Daddy goodbye blues
3 See see rider
4 Sleep talking blues
5 Yonder come the blues
6 Ma and Pa poorhouse blues
7 Jealous hearted blues
8 Trust no man
9 Toad frog blues
10 Farewell Daddy blues
11 Black cat hoot owl
12 Morning hour blues
13 Don't fish in my sea
14 Mountain Jack blues No.1
15 Mountain Jack blues No.3
16 Shave 'em dry
17 Big feeling blues
18 Little low Mama
19 Black eye blues
20 Night time blues

Skeets Tolbert and his Gentlemen of Swing: Classics 1940-1942

1.Sammy's Chopping Block
2.Jumpin' Like Mad
3.Sugar Boogie
4.I'll Make It Worth Your While
5.Those Draftin' Blues
6.Hit That Jive Jack
7.Bugle Blues
8.Four O' Clock Blues
9.Uncle Eph's Dream
10.Big Fat Butterfly
11.The Rhumba Blues
12.Jumpin' In The Numbers
13.That's That Messy Boogie
14.Lazy Gal Blues
15.Git It
16.What's The Matter Now
17.Delta Land Blues
19.Ride On
20.Because I Love My Daddy So
22.Hey Man! Hey Man! (Reese - Styles)

Masters of the Delta Blues: The Friends of Charlie Patton

1.Kid Bailey / Rowdy Blues
2.Tommy Johnson / Big Fat Mama Blues
3.Bukka White / I Am In the Heavenly Way
4.Willie Brown / Future Blues
5.Ishmon Bracey / Brown Mama Blues
6.Louise Johnson / On the Wall
7.Son House / Walking Blues (unissued test)
8.Tommy Johnson / Canned Heat Blues
9.Bukka White / Promise True and Grand
10.Kid Bailey / Mississippi Bottom Blues
11.Tommy Johnson / Maggie Campbell Blues
12.Son House / My Black Mama (part 1)
13.Son House / My Black Mama (part 2)
14.Bertha Lee / Yellow Bee
15.Louise Johnson / Long Way From Home
16.Willie Brown / M and O Blues
17.Tommy Johnson / Button Up Shoes (take 1, unissued test)
18.Bertha Lee / Mind Reader Blues
19.Tommy Johnson / Lonesome Home Blues (take 1, unissued test)
20.Son House / Dry Spell Blues (part 1)
21.Son House / Dry Spell Blues (part 2)
22.Son House / Preachin' The Blues (part 1)
23.Son House / Preachin' The Blues (part 2)

Tarheel Swing

1.Dixie Playboy Swing - Glen Thompson
2.Rocky Mountain Sweetheart - Glen Thompson
3.Hillbilly Wolf - Billy Stickland
4.Sugar Street Boogie - Preston Miller
5.Juke Box Baby - Smiley Wilson
6.Dixieland Boogie - Glen Thompson
7.Lover's Lane - Glen Thompson
8.High Geared Daddy - Tommy Little
9.We Can Never Love Again - Tommy Little
10.I Worship You - Clyde Moody
11.If I Had My Life To Live Over - Clyde Moody
12.Playboy Boogie - Gene Ray
13.Carolina Swing - Harry Fowler
14.Waitin' In Old Caroline - Jim Hall
15.Jim Hall's Boogie - Jim Hall
16.When I Get The Blues - Glen Thompson
17.Love Faded Like A Rose - Glen Thompson
18.All Alone - Tommy Little
19.I Don't Mind Being Blue - Tommy Little
20.What Is Life Lived Alone - Jim & Don
21.I Get The Blues - Cecil Campbell
22.Boogie Woogie On Steel - Cecil Campbell
23.Just A Drop In The Bucket - Cecil Campbell
24.I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome - Clyde Moody
25.TrackIf You Need Me I'll Still Be Around - Clyde Moody 25
26.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - Glen Thompson
27.Just A Smile Before You Go - Glen Thompson
28.What A Line - Glen Thompson

Jackson Blues

1 Dark Road Blues (Willie Lofton)
2 Bye Bye Blues (Tommy Johnson)
3 Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door (Willie Harris)
4 Old Devil (Bo Carter)
5 Stop And Listen Blues (Mississippi Sheiks)
6 Last Time Blues (Charlie McCoy)
7 Trouble Hearted Blues (Ishman Bracey)
8 Going Back Home (Mississippi Mudder)
9 Overtime Blues (Walter Vincent)
10 Two Time Blues (Arthur Pettis)
11 The Fore Day Blues (Ishman Bracey)
12 Lonesome Home Blues (Ishman Bracey)
13 Pay Me No Mind Blues (Ishman Bracey)
14 Black Mare Blues (Tommy Johnson)

Classic Old Time Music on Okeh

1 My Own Iona - Scottdale String Band
2 Dry Gin Rag - Narmour & Smith
3 Alabama Flood - Blind Andy Jenkins with Mary Lee
4 Hogs In The Tater Patch - Hugh Roden & Roy Rodgers
5 When Married Folds Are Out Of Carsh - Bill Chitwood's Georgia Mountaineers
6 Texas Breakdown - Narmour & Smith
7 Sweet Bye And Bye - Bela Lam's Greene County Singers
8 Daniel In The Lion's Den - North Carolina Cooper Boys
9 Lee County Blues - George Walburn & Emmett Hethcox
10 Little Dog Yodel - Ralph Richardson
11 New Coon In Town - The Four Virginians
12 Carolina Glide - Scottdale String Band
13 Little Maud - Bela Lam's Greene County Singers
14 Tequila Hop Blues - Narmour & Smith
15 The Sweet Story Of Old - Bela Lam's Greene County Singers
16 Devil In The Woodpile - J.D. McFarland & Daughter
17 Sidewalks Of New York - Andrew Jenkins & Carson Robinson
18 Texas Shuffle - Narmour & Smith
19 Scottdale Stomp - Scottdale String Band
20 Tell It Again - Bela Lam's Greene County Singers
21 Women Wear No Clothes At All - Fiddlin' Bob Larkin's Music Makers
22 Bronco Bustin' Blues - Phil Pavey (aka Roy Evans)
23 Old Folks Better Go To Bed - Scottdale String Band
24 All Night Long - Roba Stanley & Bill Patterson
25 Chinese Breakdown - Scottdale String Band

Cajun RoundUp: Cajun Honky Tonk

1 Nathan Abshire - Crying Pinegrove Blues
2 Nathan Abshire - Chere Te Mon
3 Lawrence Walker - Mamou Two-Step
4 Lawrence Walker - Country Waltz
5 The Texas Melody Boys - Old Time Waltz
6 The Texas Melody Boys - Ain't No More
7 Harry Choates - Valse de Lake Charles
8 Harry Choates - Jolie Blon's Gone
9 Floyd LeBlanc - Orphan Waltz
10 Floyd LeBlanc - Louisiana Stomp
11 Lawrence Walker - Tu Le Du Po La Mam (Both For the Same)
12 Lawrence Walker - Ton Papa Ta Mama Ma Sta Da All (Your Mom and Dad Threw Me Out)
13 Lawrence Walker - Evangeline Waltz
14 Lawrence Walker - Reno Waltz
15 Lawrence Walker - Boscoe Stomp
16 The Musical Four Plus One - Tran La Ezy
17 Vincent & Cagley - Lawtell Two-Step
18 Elise Deshotel with Dewey Balfa - La Valse de Bon Baurche
19 Elise Deshotel with Dewey Balfa - Le Two-Step de Ville Platte
20 Elise Deshotel with Dewey Balfa - La Valse de Courage
21 Elise Deshotel with Dewey Balfa - La Valse de Tamper Tate
22 Shuk Richard & Marie Falcon - Le Cote Farouche de la Vic
23 Shuk Richard & Marie Falcon - Jole Brun
24 Two-SteShuk Richard & Marie Falcon - Madame Entelle Two-Step
25 Lawrence Walker - Waltz of Regret
26 Lawrence Walker - Wandering Aces Special

Country Music Pioneers on Edison

1 Shirley Spaulding - Somewhere in Dixie
2 Fred Van Eps - Medley of Southern Melodies
3 Jasper Bisbee - The Devils Dream
4 Vernon Dalhart - Wreck of the Old Southern 97
5 Allen Sisson - Kaisers Defeat Jig
6 Allen Sisson - Sally Brown Jig
7 Blue Ridge Duo - Lonesome Road Blues
8 Austin & Reneau - The Railroad Blues
9 Fiddlin' Powers & Family - Ida Red
10 Dalhart & Robison - Just a Melody
11 Vernon Dalhart - Kinnie Wagners Surrender
12 Dixie Mountaineers - Hop Light Ladies
13 Ernest Stoneman - Sally Goodwin
14 Frank Luther - Barbara Allen
15 Frank Wallace - Oklahoma Blues
16 Posey Rorer - Down in a Georgia Jail
17 The Rail Splitters - West Virginia Highway
18 Carson Robison's Madcaps - Nonsense

Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-Bells: Good Time Blues

1.Mississippi Jook Band / Hittin' the Bottle Stomp
2.Mississippi Jook Band / Skippy Whippy
3.Memphis Jug Band / Mary Anna Cut Off
4.Memphis Jug Band / Gator Wobble
5.Son Becky / Mistreated Washboard Blues
6.Charlie Burse and His Memphis Mudcats / Baby You Win
7.Charlie Burse and His Memphis Mudcats / Oil It Up and Go
8.The Georgia Browns / Tampa Strut
9.Georgia Cotton Pickers / Diddle-Da-Diddle
10.Georgia Cotton Pickers / She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day
11.Big Joe and His Washboard Band / If You Take Me Back
12.Big Joe and His Washboard Band / I'm Through with You
13.Big Joe and His Washboard Band / When You Said Goodbye
14.Big Joe and His Washboard Band / I Love You Baby
15.Buddy Moss / Struggle Buggie
16.Buddy Moss / I'm Sittin' Here Tonight
17.Mississippi Jook Band / Dangerous Woman
18.Mississippi Jook Band / Barbecue Bust
19.Peter Chatman / Diggin' My Potatoes No.2
20.Sonny Terry / Touch It Up and Go
21.Bernice Edwards / Ninth Street Stomp

The Half Ain't Never Been Told (1)

1. ALFRED G KARNES - I  Am Bound For The Promised Land
2. FA SOL LA SINGERS - Happy On The Way
3. VIRGINIA DANDIES -There's A Beautiful City Called Heaven
6. WASHINGTON PHILLIPS - A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter
9. REV H B JACKSON - He's The One
11. Mrs L REED & Mrs T A DUNCAN - Don't Make It Too Late
12. PACE JUBILEE SINGERS - Certainly Lord
13. JONES BROTHERS TRIO - I'm Gonna Sail Away
14. ELDER CURRY AND CONGREGATION - The Good Lord Has Set Me Free
16. KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN CHORUSTERS - We'll Understand It Better Bye And Bye
18. BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON - Let Your Light Shine On Me
20. GOLDEN P HARRIS - I'll Lead A Christian Life
21. REV B J HILL - Lower My Dying Head
23. REV W M McKINLEY DAWKINS - Is Not this The Land Of Beulah

The Half Ain't Never Been Told (2)

2. VIRGINIA DANDIES - God's Getting Worried
3. BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON - It's Nobody's fault But Mine
4. WASHINGTON PHILLIPS - Mother's Last Word To her Son
7. KENTUCKY RAMBLERS - Glory Glory Glory Glory
8. MEGGINSON FEMALE QUARTETTE - Oh What A Change Took Place In My Heart
9. McGHEE & COGAR - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
10. CHARLIE PATTON - Prayer of Death - Pt 1
12. BLIND JOE TAGGART - Been Listening All The Day
16. ELDER OTIS JONES - O Lord I'm Your Child
17. HEAVELY GOSPEL SINGERS - Have You Got Good Religion
18. HOWARD HANEY - If Jesus Leads This Army
22. BLIND JOE & JAMES TAGGART- The Half Ain't Never Been Told
23. DIXIE SACRED TRIO - Don't You Want To Go

Hard Times Come Again No More (1) Early American Rural Songs

1. Down On Penny's Farm - The Bentley Boys
2. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live - Blind Alfred Reed
3. Hard Time Blues - Lane Hardin
4. All I Got's Gone - Ernest Stoneman
5. Bread Line Blues - Slim Smith
6. Miss Meal Cramp Blues - Alec Johnson
7. My Name Is John Johanna - Kelly Harrell
8. Serves 'Em Fine - Dave McCarn
9. It's Hard Time - J.D. Short
10. All In Down And Out - Uncle Dave Macon
11. Richmond Blues - Rutherford & Foster
12. Hard Times - Elder Curry & His Congregation
13. Georgia Hobo - Cofer Brothers
14. One Dime Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
15. Dixie Boll Weavil - Fiddlin' John Carson
16. See The Black Clouds A'Breakin' Over Yonder - Chubby Parker
17. Down And Out Blues - Scrapper Blackwell
18. Starving To Death On A Government Claim - Edward L. Crain
19. We Sure Got Hard Times - Barbecue Bob
20. Georgia Blues - Samantha Bumgarner
21. Blue Harvest Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
22. Weaver's Life - Dixon Brothers
23. Hard Times Come Again No More - Graham Brothers

Hard Times Come Again No More (2) Early American Rural Songs

1 Allen Brothers/Price of Cotton Blues
2 Cofer Brothers/Keno the Rent Man
3 Barbecue Bob/Bad Time Blues
4 Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee/Wreck of the Tennessee Gravey Train
5 Clayton McMichen & Riley Puckett/The Arkansas Sheik
6 Peg Leg Howell & Jim Hill/Away From Home
7 Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers/I'm Satisfied
8 Carolina Tar Heels/Got the Farm Land Blues
9 Bo Carter & Walter Vinson/Times Is Tight Like That
10 Fisher Hendley/Weave Room Blues
11 W.A. Lindsey & Alvin Conder / Boll Weavil
12 Joe Williams / Providence Help The Poor People
13 McGhee Brothers / The Tramp
14 Dave McCarn / Cotton Mill Colic
15 Charlie Jordan / Starvation Blues
16 Ernest Stoneman / Broke Down Section Hand
17 Jules Allen / Little Old Sod Shanty
18 Sleepy John Estes / Down South Blues
19 Red Brush Rowdies / No One's Hard Up But Me
20 Lee Brothers / Cotton Mill Blues
21 Blind Blake / No Dough Blues
22 Charlie McCoy & Bob Carter / The Nothern Starvers Are Returning Home
23 Jim Baird / Them Good Old Times Are Coming Back Again

Hard Times in the Country: Down and out in the Rural South 1927-1938

1.Lee Brothers Trio / Cotton Mill Blues
2.Bentley Boys / Down on Penny's Farm
3.Frank Hutchison / Miner's Blues
4.Lowe Stokes & His North Georgians / Wish I Had Stayed in the Wagon Yard
5.Blind Alfred Reed / How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
6.Uncle Dave Macon / Farm Relief
7.Lowe Stokes & His North Georgians / Prohibition is a Failure
8.Fisher Hendley / Weave Room Blues
9.Kelly Harrell / My Name is John Johanna
10.Uncle Dave Macon / From Earth to Heaven
11.Dutch Coleman / Gonna Raise Some Bacon at Home
12.Carolina Tar Heels / Got the Farm Land Blues
13.Georgia Crackers / Riley the Furniture Man
14.Dixon Brothers / Sales Tax on the Women
15.Ashley & Foster / Bay Rum Blues
16.Oscar Ford / Farmer's Dream
17.Dave & Howard / Serves 'em Fine
18.Uncle Dave Macon / Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train

Times ain't like they used to be (1)

1. Blues in the Bottle - Prince Albert Hunt
2. Dollar Bill Blues - Charlie Jordon
3. Lost John Dean - Bascom Lamar Lundsford
4. Streak of Lean, Streak of Fat - A. A. Gray and Sever Foot Dilly
5. Sinking of the Titanic - Richard "Rabbit" Brown
6. Tennessee Girls - Dykes Magic City Trio
7. Shotgun Blues - Bob Campbell
8. Train on the Island - J. P. Nestor & Norman Edmonds
9. The Fault's in Me - The Four Wanderers
10. The Tail of Halley's Comet - Happy Hayseeds
11. Wake Up You Drowsy Sleeper - The Oaks Family
12. How You Want Your Rollin' Done - Louie Laskey
13. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - Frank Blevins
14. On the Road Again - Memphis Jug Band
15. Dying Soldier, The - Buell Kazee
16. Voice Throwin' Blues - Buddy Boy Hawkins
17. Been on the Job Too Long - Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles
18. Fannie Moore - Ken Maynard
19. I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape - Nugrape Twins
20. Old Miller's Will - Carson Brothers & Sprinkle
21. Skinner - Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner
22. How To Make Love - Southern Moonlight Entertainers
23. Old Jimmie Sutton - Grayson & Whittier

Times ain't like they used to be (2)

1.Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers / John Henry Blues
2.Allen Shaw / Moanin' the Blues
3.Ernest Stoneman & Kahle Brewer / Lonesome Road Blues
4.Bobby Leecan & His Need More Band / Washboard Cut Out
5.Henry Thomas / Bob McKinney
6.Fiddling John Carson & His Virginia Reelers / Swanee River
7.Richard "Rabbit" Brown / James Alley Blues
8.Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers / Sail Away Ladies
9.Cannon's Jug Stompers / The Rooster's Crowing Blues
10.A.A. Grey & Seven Foot Dilly / Tallapoosa Bound
11.The Shelor Family / Billy Grimes the Rover
12.The Massey Family / Brown Skin Girl Down the Lane
13.Joe McCoy / You Know You Done Me Wrong
14.Sid Harkreader & Gradey Moore / Old Joe
15.Blind Alfred Reed / Beware
16.Wilmer Watts & The Lonely / Knocking Down Casey Jones
17.Tommy Bradley / Four Day Blues
18.Georgia Crackers / Riley the Furniture Man
19.Emmett Lundy & Ernest Stoneman / Piney Woods Girl
20.Louie Blue / State Street Rag
21.Tweedy Brothers / Sugar In The Ground
22.Southern Moonlight Entertainers / Then I'll Move To Town
23.Rev. D.C. Rice / Lord Keep Me With A Mind

Times ain't like they used to be (3)

1.Blind Willie Johnson/ I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole
2.Ashley's Melody Men/ Bath House Blues
3.Frank Hutchison/ Worried Blues
4.Jelly Jaw Short/Snake Doctor Blues
5.East Texas Serenaders/ Acorn Stomp
6.Carlisle Brothers/ Sal Got a Meatskin
7.Sleepy John Estes/ Streetcar Blues
8.Luke Highnight & His Ozark Strutters/ Fort Smith Breakdown
9.Wilmer Watts & His Lonely Eagles/ Sleepy Desert
10.Son House/ Walking Blues
11.Allison's Sacred Harp Singers/ Sweet Rivers
12.Williamson Brothers & Curry/ Gonna Die With My Hammer in My Hand
13.Charlie Patton/ Mean Black Cat
14.Lowe Stokes/ Billy in the Lowground
15.Jelly Roll Anderson/ Good Time Blues
16.Fiddling John Carson & His Virginia Reelers/ Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over
17.Fruit Jar Guzzlers/ Steel Driving Man
18.Skip James/ I'm So Glad
19.Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers/ Rok About My Sara Jane
20.Cap, Andy & Flip/ I'm Taking My Audition to Sing Up in the Sky
21.Buster Johnson & James Cole's Washboard Band/ Undertaker Blues
22.Oscar Harper's Texas String Band/ Sally Johnson
23.Fa Sol La Singers/ I'll Stay on the Right Road Now

Times ain't like they used to be (4)

1.Jimmie Tarlton / Lowe Bonnie
2.William Harris / Early Morning Blues
3.Burnett & Rutherford / Billy In The Lowground
4.Dixon Brothers / Rambling
5.Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley / Every Day In The Week Blues
6.Sweet Brothers / I Got A Bulldog
7.Cliff Carlisle / Tom Cat Blues
8.Hi Henry Brown / Preacher Blues
9.Kessinger Brothers / Salt River
10.Golden Melody Boys / Blushing Bride
11.Georgia Yellow Hammers / Kiss Me Quick
12.Charlie Patton / Magnolia Blues
13.Anglelas Le Jeunne / Perrodin Two Step
14.Fiddling John Carson / Bachelor's Hall
15.Tommy Johnson / Walking Shoes
16.Stripling Brothers / Wolves Howling
17.James Cole & His Washboard Band / Mistreated The Only Friend You Had
18.Martin & Hobbs / Havana River Guide
19.Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers / I Want Two Wings To Veil My Face
20.Jess Hillard & His West Virginia Hillbillies / Make Down The Bed And We'll Sleep Together
21.Skip James / Special Rider Blues
22.Watts & Wilson / Walk Right In
23.Rev. Rice & Congregation / Leaving All To Follow Jesus

Times ain't like they used to be (5)

1.Sam McGee - Railroad Blues
2.Floyd County Rambler - Step Stone
3.Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
4.Weems String Band - Greenback Dollar
5.Jimmie Davis - Doggone That Train
6.Eli Framer - Famer's Blues
7.Roy Harvey + Jess Johnston - No Room For A Tramp
8.Garland Brothers + Grinstead - Just Over The River
9.Ben Covington - Mule Skinner Moan
10.Reaves White County Ramblers - Shortening Bread
11.J.P. Nestor + Norman Edmonds - Black-Eyed Susie
12.Buddy Boy Hawkins - A Rag Blues
13.Roy Harvey + Jess Johnston - Railroad Blues
14.Grayson County Railsplitters - Way Down In North Carolina
15.The Swamp Rooters - Citaco
16.Unknown - Pistol Blues
17.Murphy Brothers Harp Band - Boat Song March
18.Frank Blevins + His Tar Heel Rattlers - I've Got No Honey
19.Wilmer Watts + Lonley Eagles - Bonnie Bess
20.Blind Joe Reynolds - Cold Woman Blues
21.Wyzee, Tucker + Lecroy - Hamilton's Special Breakdown
22.Bull Mountain Moonshiners - Johnny Goodwin
23.Charley Patton - Some Happy Day

Times ain't like they used to be (6)

1.Birkhead & Lane / Robinson County
2.Floyd County Ramblers / Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party
3.Mississippi Moaner / It's Cold In China
4.Parker & Dodd / Sail Away Lady
5.Uncle Dave Macon & The Fruit Jar Drinkers / I'm Goin' Away In The Morn
6.Tenderfoot Edwards / Seven Sister Blues
7.Virginia Mountain Boomers / Cousin Sally Brown
8.Girls Of The Golden West / Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo Git Along Little Doggies
9.Skip James / Cherry Ball Blues
10.Roy Harvey & Jess Johnston / Milwaukee Blues
11.Weems String Band / Davy
12.Eli Framer / God Didn't Make Me No Monkey Man
13.Eck Robertson / Sally Gooden
14.Jess Johnston & Byrd Moore / My Trouble Blues
15.Charley Patton / Prayer Of Death - Part 2
16.Red Headed Fiddlers / Cheat 'Em
17.Dewey & Gassie Bassett / Jesus Paved The Way
18.Louie Lasky / Caroline
19.The Swamp Rooters / Swamp Cat Rag
20.Reaves White County Ramblers / Ten Cent Piece
21.Blind Joe Reynolds / Ninety Nine Blues
22.Jess Hillard & His West Virginia Hillbillies / Rolling River
23.Turney Brothers / At The Cross

Times ain't like they used to be (7)

1.Dilly & His Dill Pickles / Bust Down Stomp
2.Jimmie Tarlton / Dixie Mail
3.King Solomon Hill / Times Has Done Got Hard
4.East Texas Serenaders / Mineola Rag
5.Sheffield Male Quartet / Christ Arose
6."Gitfiddle Jim" / Rainy Night Blues
7.Three Tobacco Tags / Good Gal Remember Me
8.Red Headed Fiddlers / Texas Quickstep
9.Ed Bell / Ham Bone Blues
10.David Miller / Cannonball Rag
11.Fiddlin John Carson & His Virginia Reelers / Little More Sugar medley
12.Bo Weavil Jackson / Devil and my Brown Blues
13.Stripling Brothers / Horseshoe Bend
14.Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers / Primrose Hill
15.Skip James / Hard Luck child
16.Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee / Go On, Nora Lee
17.Dennis McGee / Jeunes Gens Campagnard
18.Jay Bird Coleman / I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordon Some Of These Days
19.Uncle Pete & Louise / Only A Tramp
20.Ben Jarrell & Frank Jenkins / Jack of Diamnds
21.Son House / Dry Spell Blues, part 1
22."Ted" Sharp, Hinman & Sharp / Pike's Peak
23.Old Southern Sacred Singers / I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Times ain't like they used to be (8)

    1.    It's Just Like Heaven – Vaughan Quartet
    2.    The Steeley Rag – Red Headed Fiddler
    3.    Paddlin' Blues – Gitfiddle Jim
    4.    Sand Mountain Drag – Dilly and his Dill Pickles
    5.    Sugar Baby – Dock Boggs
    6.    My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon – King Solomon Hill
    7.    The Lost Child – Stripling Brothers
    8.    The Girl That Carried the Girl from Town – Frank Hutchison
    9.    You Can't Keep No Brown – Bo Weavil Jackson
    10.    Mother Is with the Angels – Wright Brothers Quartet
    11.    Rambling Lover – Dick Reinhart
    12.    O'Clock Blues – Skip James
    13.    Yellow Rose of Texas – Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters
    14.    Gonna Ride Till the Sun Goes Down – Johnny Barfield
    15.    Mamlish Blues – Ed Bell
    16.    Robinson County – Ted Sharp, Hinman and Sharp
    17.    Valse Des Vachers – Dennis McGee
    18.    Jailhouse Rag – David Miller
    19.    I Want Someone to Love Me – Tommy Johnson
    20.    Tennessee Tornado – Uncle Dave Macon & McGee Brothers
    21.    Roving Cowboy – Frank Jenkins
    22.    Big Bend Gal – Shelor Family
    23.    Yes! Tis Me – Reverend W.M. Mosley

How Can I Keep From Singing (Early American Religious Music and Song) (Vol 1)

1.Elder Burch And Congregation / My Heart Keeps Singing
2.Roosevelt Graves And Brother / Woke Up This Morning
3.Tennessee Mountaineers / Standing On The Promises
4.Laura Henton / I Can Tell The World About This
5.Uncle Dave Macon And Fruit Jar Drinkers / Walking In Sunlight
6.Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 / This Song Of Love
7.Walter Smith And Norman Woodlieff / It Won't Be Long Till My Grave Is Made
8.Jaybird Coleman / I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan
9.Carolina Ladies Quartette / My Loved Ones Are Waiting
10.Rev. Burnett / True Friendship
11.Allison's Sacred Harp Singers / Weeping Pilgrim
12.Lonnie Mcintorsh / Sleep On Mother, Sleep On
13.Elder Golden Harris / My Christian Friends In Bonds Of Love
14.Memphis Sanctified Singers / He's Got Better Things For You
15.Rev. Joseph Callender / God Leads His Dear Children Along
16.Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers / Coronation
17.Slim Ducket And Pig Norwood / I Want To Go Where Jesus Is
18.Rev. J.O. Hanes And Choir / The Great Transaction's Done
19.Rev. H.B. Jackson / Everytime I Feel The Spirit
20.Rev. E.D. Campbell And Congregation / Come Let Us Eat Together
21.The Mountain Singers Male Quartette / Bringing In The Sheaves
22.Rev. And Mrs. Edward Boone / Will David Play His Harp For Me
23.Nazarene Congregational Church Choir Of Brooklyn / Who'll Join This Union

How Can I Keep From Singing (Early American Religious Music and Song) (Vol 2)

1.George Long And His Singers / What Shall Our Answer Be
2.Brothers Wright And Williams / I've Got A Home In Beulah Land
3.Blind Willie Davis / Rock Of Ages
4.Roswell Sacred Heart Quartet / Weeping Mary
5.Sam Collins / I Want Jesus To Be In My Heart
6.Morris Family / He Rose Unknown
7.L.V Jones And His Virginia Singing Class / Will My Mother Know Me There
8.Elder Curry And Congregation / Memphis Flu
9.Washington Phillips / Jesus Is My Friend
10.Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet / Job
11.Ridgel's Fountain Citians / Hallelujah To The Lamb
12.Copperhill Male Quartet / There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
13.Shands Superior Jubilee Singers / Silver Slippers
14.Mrs L. Reed and Mrs T.A. Duncans / Light In The Valley
15.Cliff Carlisle Quartet / Shine On Me
16.Pace Jubilee Singers / Oh Death
17.Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers / Thou Carest Lord
18.Ed McConnell And Family / My Loving Brother
19.Seventh day Adventists Choir / Take My Burden To The Lord
20.Wade Mainer and Sons Of The Mountaineers / Lonely Tomb
21.Blind Joe Taggart / Goin' To Rest Where Jesus Is
22.David Miller / Lonesome Valley
23.Rev. J.F. Forest And Congregation / Prayer Meeting

Rural Music: My Rough and Rowdy Ways: Early American Rural Music (2)

1. Cocaine - Dick Justice
2. Otto Wood The Bandit - Carolina Buddies
3. Frankie - Mississippi John Hurt
4. Railroadin' And Gamblin' - Uncle Dave Macon
5. That Bad Man Stackolee  -David Miller
6. Canned Heat Blues - Sloppy Henry
7. Ain't Nobody's Business - Earl Johnson
8. Skin Game Blues Peg Leg Howell
9. Late Last Night When Willie Came Home - Uncle Dave Macon
10. Dice's Blues - Bob Campbell
11. Sailing Out On The Ocean - Haskell Wolfenbarger
12. Louisville Burglar - Hickory Nuts
13. Old Jim Canan's  - Robert Wilkins
14. Billy The Kid - Vernon Dalhart
15. Georgia Black Bottom - Georgia Crackers
16. Ethan Lang - Emry Arthur
17. Wrong Road - Hall Brothers
18. Wild Bill Jones - Eva Davis
19. Bad Man Napper - Lee Green
20. Jesse James - George Reneau
21. My Rough And Rowdy Ways - Bill Cox
22. Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down - Big Bill Broonzy
23. This Train - Garland Jubilee Singers

Rural Music: My Rough and Rowdy Ways: Early American Rural Music (1)

1.Grant Brothers & Their Music / Tell It to Me [1928]
2.Clarence Ashley / Little Sadie [1929]
3.Clifford Gibson / Bad Luck Dice [1929]
4.Jilson Setters / Way Up on Clinch Mountain [1928]
5.Dykes Magic City Trio / Frankie [1927]
6.Tommy Johnson / Canned Heat Blues [1928]
7.Ray Brothers / Got the Jake Leg Too [1930]
8.Dock Boggs / Country Blues [1927]
9.Little Hat Jones / Kentucky Blues [1930]
10.Allen Brothers / Prisoner's Dream [1934]
11.Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman / John Hardy [1927]
12.Will Shade / Better Leave That Stuff Alone [1928]
13.Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee / Way Down the Old Plank Road [1926]
14.Ernest Stoneman & Kahle Brewer / The Fate of Talmadge Osborne [1927]
15.Cannon's Jug Stompers / Viola Lee Blues [1928]
16.Cleve Chaffin & the McClung Brothers / Rock House Gamblers
17.Willie Walker / Dupree Blues [1930]
18.Haywood County Ramblers / All Bound Down [1931]
19.Peg Leg Howell / Low Down Rounder Blues [1928]
20.Fruit Jar Guzzlers / Stack-O-Lee
21.Barefoot Bill / My Crime Blues [1929]
22.Ken Maynard / Jesse James [1930]
23.Watts & Wilson / Chain Gang Special [1927]

Harmonica Masters: Classic Recordings from the 20s and 30s

1.DeFord Bailey - Ice Water Blues
2.Palmer McAbee - Lost Boy Blues
3.Alfred Lewis - Mississippi Swamp Moan
4.Kyle Wooten - Choking Blues
5.Noah Lewis - Chickasaw Special
6.Six Cylinder Smith - Pennsylvania Woman Blues
7.Dr. Humphrey Bates' Possum Hunters - Take Your Foot Out of the Mud & Put it in the Sand
8.The Bubbling Over Five - Don't Mistreat Your Good Boy Friend
9.Murphy Brothers Harp Band - The Downfall of Paris
10.George 'Bullet' Williams - Touch Me Light Mama 2:46
11.Dutch Coleman and Red Whitehead - Booneville Stomp
12.Jed Davenport - How Long Blues
13.Ashley & Foster - East Virginia Blues
14.Crook Brothers - Goin' Cross the Sea
15.William McCoy - Just It
16.Gwen Foster - Wilkes County Blues
17.Jaybird Coleman - Man Trouble Blues
18.Salty Holmes - I Want My Mama
19.David McCarn - Gastonia Gallop
20.Leecan & Cooksey - Don't Let Your Heart Hang Down
21.Carver Brothers - Sisco Harmonica Blues
22.Sleepy John Estes - Down South Blues
23.Freeman Stowers - Medley of Blues

Harmonica Blues: Great Performances of the 1920s & 30s

1 Railroad Blues / Freeman Stowers
2 Crazy About You / State Street Boys
3 Wang Wang Harmonica Blues / Carver Boys
4 My Driving Wheel / Lee Brown
5 Bay Rum Blues / Ashley & Foster
6 I'm Going To Write & Tell Mother / Robert Hill
7 Blowin' The Blues / Chuck Darling
8 Harmonica Rag / Chuck Darling
9 Man Trouble Blues / Jaybird Coleman
10 I Want You By My Side / Jazz Gillum
11 Friday Moan Blues / Alfred Lewis
12 House Snake Blues / Chicken Wilson & Skeeter Hinton
13 Need More Blues / Bobby Leecan & Robert Cooksey
14 Davidson County Blues / De Ford Bailey

Dokument Records: Carl Martin, Willie"61" Blackwell and others 1930-1941

1 Tennessee Chocolate Drops / Knox County Stomp
2 Tennessee Chocolate Drops / Vine Street Drag
3 Louie Bluie & Ted Bogan / State Street Rag
4 Louie Bluie & Ted Bogan / Ted's Stomp
5 Carl Martin / You Can Go Your Own Way
6 Carl Martin / Kid Man Blues
7 Carl Martin / Farewell To You Baby
8 Carl Martin / You Can't Play Me Cheap
9 Carl Martin / Badly Mistreated Man
10 Carl Martin / Good Morning, Judge
11 Carl Martin / Crow Jane
12 Carl Martin / Old Time Blues
13 Carl Martin / That New Kind Of Stuff
14 Carl Martin / Joe Louis Blues
15 Carl Martin / Let's Have A New Deal
16 Carl Martin / I'm Gonna Have My Fun
17 Carl Martin / High Water Flood Blues
18 Willie "61" Blackwell / She's Yound And Wild
19 Willie "61" Blackwell / Noisless Motor Blues
20 Willie "61" Blackwell / Don't Misuse Me Baby
21 Willie "61" Blackwell / Bald Eagle Blues
22 Willie "61" Blackwell / Four O'clock Flower Blues
23 Willie "61" Blackwell / Chalk My Toy
24 Willie "61" Blackwell / Machine Gun Blues
25 Willie "61" Blackwell / Rampaw Street Blues

Document Recorts: Texas Slide Guitar: Oscar Woods & Black Ace 1930-1938

1.She's a Hum Dum Dinger (from Dingersville) (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
2.Fence Breakin' Blues (Shreveport Home Wreckers/Oscar Woods)
3.Home Wreckin' Blues (Shreveport Home Wreckers/Oscar Woods)
4.Bear Cat Mama from Horner's Corner (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
5.Saturday Night Stroll (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
6.Sewing Machine Blues (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
7.Red Nightgown Blues (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
8.Davis's Salty Dog (Jimmie Davis/Oscar Woods)
9.Evil Hearted Woman (Oscar Woods)
10.Lone Wolf Blues (Oscar Woods)
11.Don't Sell It - Don't Give It Away (Oscar Woods)
12.Muscat Hill Blues (Oscar Woods)
13.Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away) (Oscar Woods)
14.Baton Rouge Rag (Kitty Gray/Oscar Woods)
15.Jam Session Blues (Oscar Woods)
16.Low Life Blues (Oscar Woods)
17.Token Blues (Oscar Woods)
18.Come On Over to My House Baby (Oscar Woods)
19.Trifling Woman (Black Ace)
20.Black Ace (Black Ace)
21.You Gonna Need My Help Some Day (Black Ace)
22.Whiskey and Women (Black Ace)
23.Christmas Time Blues (Black Ace)
24.Lowing Heifer (Black Ace)

Document Records: Hociel Thomas and Lillie Delk Christian 1925-1928

01 Gamblers Dream
02 Sunshine Baby
03 Adam and Eve Had the Blues
04 Put It Where I Can Get It
05 Wash Woman Blues
06 I've Stopped My Man
07 Deep Water Blues
08 G'wan I Told You
09 Listen To Ma
10 Lonesome Hours
11 Lonesome And Sorry
12 Baby O'mine tk A
13 Baby O'mine tk B
14 It All Depends On You
15 Ain't She Sweet
16 My Blue Heaven
17 Miss Annabelle Lee
18 You're a Real Sweetheart
19 Too Busy
20 Was It a Dream_
21 Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me
22 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
23 Sweethearts On Parade
24 Baby
25 I Must Have That Man

Document Records: Grayson & Whitter 1927-1928 (Vol 1)

1.Noboy's Darling
2.I'll Never Be Yours
3.Handsome Molly (GEX-905)
4.Shout Lula
5.You'll Never Miss Your Mother Until She's Gone
6.Train No. 45 (GEX-908)
7.Handsome Molly (40302)
8.He's Coming To Us Dead
9.Don't Go Out Tonight, My Darling
10.Rose Conley
11.Ommie Wise
12.Train 45 (40307)
13.Sally Gooden
14.My Mind Is To Marry (unissued)
15.She's Mine, All Mine
16.Sweet Roie O'Grady
17.Sweet Rosy O'Grady (unissued)
18.Red Or Green
19.Cluck Old Hen
20.Old Jimmy Sutton
21.The Red And Green Signal Lights
22.Joking Henry 

Document Records: Backwoods Blues 1926-1935

1.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Pistol Blues
2.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Some Scream High Yellow
3.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - You Can't Keep No Brown (Pm)
4.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - When The Saints Come Marching Home
5.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - I'm On My Way To The Kingdom Land
6.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Why Do You Moan?
7.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Devil And My Brown Blues
8.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Poor Boy Blues
9.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Jefferson County Blues
10.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Jefferson County Blues (alt. take)
11.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - You Can't Keep No Brown (Vo)
12.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long
13.Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler 1926) - Heaven Is My View
14.Bobby Grant (1927) - Nappy Head Blues
15.Bobby Grant (1927) - Lonesome Atlanta Blues
16.King Solomon Hill (1932) - Whoopee Blues (take 1)
17.King Solomon Hill (1932) - Whoopee Blues (take 2)
18.King Solomon Hill (1932) - Down On My Bended Knee (take 1)
19.King Solomon Hill (1932) - Down On My Bended Knee (take 2)
20.King Solomon Hill (1932) - The Gone Dead Train
21.King Solomon Hill (1932) - Tell Me Baby
22.Lane Hardin (1935) - Hard Time Blues
23.Lane Hardin (1935) - California Desert Blues

Document Records: Female Blues Singers 1922-1935 (Vol 12)

01 - I Wish I Had Somebody - Hattie McDaniels
02 - Boo Hoo Blues - Hattie McDaniels
03 - Loving Blues - Helena Manley
04 - Red Head Stepchild Blues - Helena Manley
05 - That Da Da Strain - Anna Myers
06 - T'ain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do - Anna Myers
07 - Evil Minded Blues - Anna Myers
08 - Last Go Round Blues - Anna Myers
09 - What's the Use of Lovin' - Anna Oliver
10 - My Doggone Lazy Man - Dolly Perkins
11 - T'ain't a Doggone Thing But the Blues - Dolly Perkins
12 - Body & Soul - Kathryn Perry
13 - Georgia Man - Teddy Peters
14 - What a Man! - Teddy Peters
15 - A Good Man Is Hard to Find - Nettie Potter
16 - Blind Man Blues (take 1) - Nettie Potter
17 - Blind Man Blues (take 2) - Nettie Potter
18 - Make Me Know It (take 2 - Test) - Evelyn Preer
19 - If You Can't Hold the Man You Love - Evelyn Preer
20 - Mama Is Waiting for You - Nina Reeves
21 - Mine's Just As Good As Yours - Nina Reeves
22 - Black Snake Blues - Nina Reeves
23 - Soul & Body (He Belongs to Me) - Nina Reeves
24 - Indiana Avenue Blues - Nina Reeves
25 - Louisville Lou (The Vampin' Lady) - Nina Reeves

Document Records: East Texas Serenaders 1927-1937

 01 - Sweetest flower
02 - Combination rag
03 - Acorn stomp
04 - Shannon waltz
05 - Deacon jones
06 - Aldeline waltz
07 - Dream shadows
08 - Babe
09 - Meadow brook waltz
10 - Three in one two-step
11 - Mckinney waltz
12 - Before I grew up to love you
13 - Louisa waltz
14 - Gulf breeze waltz
15 - Ozark rag
16 - Mineola rag
17 - Del rio waltz
18 - Beaumont rag
19 - Serenaders` waltz
20 - Say a little prayer for me
21 - East Texas drag
22 - Sweetest flower waltz
23 - Arizona stomp
24 - Shannon waltz

Document Records: Dixon Brothers 1937 (Vol 2)

01 Answer to Maple on the Hill, Pt. 4
02 Beautiful Stars
03 I Will Meet My Precious
04 Weaver's Life
05 Darling Do You Miss Me
06 Little Bessie
07 How Can a Broke Man Be Happy
08 The School House Fire
09 She Tickles Me
10 Fisherman's Luck
11 At Twilight Old Pal of Yesterday
12 Call Me Pal of Mine
13 Bless His Promise
14 The Well of Jacob; Jesus Said
15 I Won't Accept Anything for My Soul
16 What Can I Give in Exchange
17 What Would You Give in Exchange, Pt. 5
18 The Girl I Left in Danville
19 Two Little Boys
20 The Lonely Prisoner
21 The Old Home Brew
22 Always Waiting for You
23 When Jesus Appeared

Document Records: Lonnie Johnson 1930-1931 (Vol 6)

01 - I Got the Best Jelly Roll in Town (part 1)
02 - I Got the Best Jelly Roll in Town (part 2)
03 - She Don't Know Who She Wants
04 - Dont Drive Me from Your Door
05 - The Dirty Dozen (Duet w. Spencer Williams)
06 - Keep It to Yourself (Duet w. Spencer Williams)
07 - I Just Can't Stand These Blues
08 - Deep Sea Blues
09 - The Bull Frog and the Toad (Duet w. Spencer Williams)
10 - The Monkey and the Baboon (part 2) (Duet w. Spencer Williams)
11 - Long Black Train
12 - I Have to Do My Time
13 - No More Troubles Now
14 - Sam, You Can't Do That to Me
15 - You're Getting Old on Your Job (Duet w. Clara Smith)
16 - What Makes You Act Like That (Duet w. Clara Smith)
17 - You Had Too Much (Duet w. Clara Smith)
18 - Dont Wear It Out (Duet w. Clara Smith)
19 - Got the Blues for Murder Only
20 - Let All Married Women Alone
21 - Southland Is Alright With Me
22 - Blues Is Only a Ghost

Document Records: Leake County Revelers 1927-1928 (Vol 1)

01 Johnson Gal
02 Leather Breeches
03 Wednesday Night Waltz
04 Goodnight Waltz
05 My Wild Irish Rose
06 My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
07 In the Good Old Summertime
08 Listen to the Mockingbird
09 The Old Hat
10 Monkey in the Dog Cart
11 Been to the East, Been to the West
12 Crow Black Chicken
13 Make Me a Bed on the Floormp
14 Merry Widow Waltz
15 They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me
16 Put Me in My Little Bed
17 Bring Me a Bottle
18 Birds in the Brook
19 Rockin' Yodel
20 Memories
21 Magnolia Waltz
22 Julia Waltz
23 Molly Put the Kettle On

Document Records: Leake County Revelers 1929-1930 (Vol 2)

01 Memories Waltz
02 Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends Its Way
03 Georgia Camp Meeting
04 I'm Gwine Back to Dixie
05 Dry Town Blues
06 Saturday Night Breakdown
07 Good Fellow
08 Uncle Ned
09 Leake County Blues
10 Lonesome Blues
11 Sweet Rose of Heaven
12 Beautiful Bells
13 Mississippi Moon Waltz
14 Courtin' Days Waltz
15 Thirty-First Street Blues
16 Picture No Artist Can Paint
17 When It's Springtime in the Rockies
18 Texas Fair
19 Mississippi Breakdown
20 Lazy Kate
21 Jungle Waltz

Document Records: Roy Harvey 1926-1927 (Vol 1)

1.The Brave Engineer
2.Dark Eyes
3.Willie, Poor Boy
4.When The Bees Are In The Hive
5.Daisies Won't Tell
6.The Wreck Of Virginian No 3
7.Please Papa Come Home
8.The Old Clay Pipe
9.Write A Letter To My Mother
10.Poor Little Joe
11.We Will Outshine The Sun
12.Walking On The Streets Of Glory
13.I Cannot Call Her Mother
14.Pearl Bryant
15.Take Back The Ring
16.Willie My Darling
17.Give My Love To Nell
18.My Mother And My Sweetheart
19.She Is Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage
20.Bill Mason
21.Kitty Blye
22.I'm Glad I Married
23.Sweet Sunny South
24.Blue Eyes

Document Records: Lowe Stokes 1927-1930 (Vol 1)

1 Home Brew Rag
2 Unexplained Blues
3 Wave That Frame
4 Take Me To The Land Of Jazz
5 Katy Did
6 Take Me Back To Georgia
7 Sailin' Down The Chesapeake Bay
8 Everybody's Doing It
9 Left All Alone Again Blues
10 Wish I Had Stayed In The Wagon Yard
11 Sally Johnson
12 Billy In The Low Ground
13 Bone Dry Blues
14 It Just Suits Me
15 Four Cent Cotton
16 Rocking My Sugar Lump
17 Kitty And The Baby
18 Prohibition Is A Failure
19 Swamp Cat Rag
20 Citaco
21 Row, Row, Row
22 Sailing On The Robert E. Lee

Document Records: The Stripling Brothers 1928-1934 (Vol 1)

1 The Big Footed Nigger In The Sandy Lot
2 The Lost Child
3 Dance All Night With A Bottle In My Hand
4 Horse Shoe Bend
5 Get Off Your Money
6 Lost John
7 Big Eyed Rabbit (Le Reel De La Malbaie)
8 Kennedy Rag
9 New Born Blues
10 Coal Mine Blues
11 Red River Waltz (La Valse De La Riviere Rouge)
12 Moonlight Waltz
13 Midnight Waltz
14 June Rose Waltz
15 Ranger's Hornpipe
16 Railroad Bum
17 Weeping Willow
18 Wolves Howling (Le Reel Du Charretier)
19 Silver Lake Waltz
20 Over The Waves
21 Salty Dog

Document Records: Daisy Martin & Ozie McPherson (1921-1926)

01 Royal Garden Blues
02 Spread Yo' Stuff
03 Play 'Em Mama Sing 'Em For Me
04 I Won't Be Back 'Till You Change Your Ways
05 Won't Someone Help Me Find Lovin' Man
06 Everybody's Man is My Man
07 How Long How Long
08 Sweet Daddy
09 Honolulu Lou
10 I Didn't Start In To Love You
11 Nightmare Blues
12 Keep On Going
13 Brown Skin
14 If You Don't Want Me
15 Feelin' Blues
16 What You Was, You Used To Be
17 You Gotta Know How
18 Outside of That He's All Right With Me
19 Standing On the Corner Blues
20 He's My Man
21 Down To the Bottom Where I Stay
22 I Want My Loving
23 Nobody Rolls Their Jelly Roll Like Mine
24 I'm Blue Since My Sweetie Want Away

Document Records: Fiddlin' Doc Roberts 1928-1930 (Vol 2)

1.I've Got A Girl Named Susie
2.Run Smoke Run
3.Shoot That Turkey Buzzard
4.Farewell Waltz
5.Mandolin Rag
6.Take Those Lips Away
7.Martha Campbell
8.Waltz The Hall
9.The Girl I Left Behind Me
10.Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone?
11.Honeymoon Waltz
12.Jacks Creek Waltz
13.Rocky Mountain Goat
14.The Devil In Georgia
15.Johnny Inchin' Along
16.Deer Walk
17.Shamrock Schottische
18.Rye Straw
19.Sally Gooden
20.Chicken Reel
21.Hawk's Got A Chicken
22.All That I've Got's Done Gone

Document Records: Fiddlin' Doc Roberts 1930-1934 (Vol 3)

1.The Drunken Man's Dream
2.The Waggoner
3.Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe
4.Shortnin' Bread
5.Sally Ann
6.Farewell Waltz
7.Wednesday Night Waltz
8.Turkey In The Straw
9.I Don't Love Nobody
10.Over The Waves
11.The Girl I Left Behind Me
12.99 Years
13.Carroll County Blues
14.Charleston Number 1
15.Cumberland Gap
16.Cumberland Blues
17.Down Yonder
18.Honeymoon Stomp
19.Pickin' And Playin'
20.Blue Grass Rag
21.'Way Down South
22.Coal Tipple Blues

Document Records: John Dilleshaw 1929-1930

1 Where The River Shannon Flows
2 Bad Lee Brown
3 Spanish Fandango
4 Cotton Patch Rag
5 The Square Dance Fight On Ball Top Mountain-Part 1
6 A Fiddler's Tryout In Georgia-Part 1
7 A Fiddler's Tryout In Georgia-Part 2
8 The Square Dance Fight On Ball Top Mountain-Part 2
9 A Georgia Barbecue At Stone Mountain-Part 1
10 A Georgia Barbecue At Stone Mountain-Part 2
11 Tallapoosa Bound
12 Streak O'Lean-Streak O' Fat
13 Georgia Bust Down
14 Pickin' Off Peanuts
15 Lye Soap
16 Hell Amongst The Yearlings
17 Nigger Baby
18 The Old Ark's A Moving
19 Sand Mountain Drag
20 Bust Down Stomp
21 Farmer's Blues
22 Walkin' Blues
23 Kenesaw Mountain Rag
24 Bibb County Hoedown

Document Records: Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927 (Vol 2)

1.Black Snake Moan
2.Match Box Blues
3.Easy Rider Blues
4.Match Box Blues
5.Match Box Blues
6.Rising High Water Blues
7.Weary Dogs Blues
8.Right Of Way Blues
9.Teddy Bear Blues (Take 2)
10.Black Snake Dream Blues
11.Hot Dogs
12.He Arose From The Dead
13.Struck Sorrow Blues
14.Rambler Blues
15.Chinch Bug Blues
16.Deceitful Brownskin Blues
17.Sunshine Special
18.Gone Dead on you Blues
19.Where Shall I Be?
20.See That My Grave's Kept Clean
21.One Dime Blues
22.Lonesome House Blues

Document Records: Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters & F. Jenkin's Pilot Mountaineers 1927-1929

1 Merry Girl
2 Yellow Rose of Texas
3 Lonesome Road Blues
4 Richmond Cotillion
5 Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb
6 Home Sweet Home (Frank Jenkins)
7 Baptist Shout (Frank Jenkins)
8 Be Kind To A Man When He Is Down
9 Lost Train Blues
10 I Know My Name Is There
11 When You Ask A Girl To Leave Her Happy Home
12 Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South
13 John Brown's Dream
14 Old Joe Clark
15 Evening Star Waltz
16 Jack Of Diamonds
17 Roving Cowboy (Frank Jenkins)
18 Wandering Boy (Frank Jenkins)
19 The Railroad Flagman's Sweetheart
20 When The Snowflakes Fall Again
21 The Burial Of Wild Bill
22 A Message From Hoem Sweet Home
23 Sunny Home In Dixie
24 Old Dad