The de Castro Sisters: Teach Me Tonight (1954-1958)

1.It's Love
2.Boom Boom Boomerang
3.To Say You're Mine
4.Wedding Song
5.If I Ever Fall in Love
6.I'm Bewildered
7.Teach Me Tonight
8.Give Me Time
9.Too Late Now
10.Cry Baby Blues
11.Let Your Love Walk In
12.Cuckoo in the Clock
13.Cuban Love Song
14.I Can't Escape from You
15.Rockin' and Rollin' in Hawaii
16.No One to Blame But You
17.Cowboys Don't Cry
18.It's Yours
19.I Never Meant to Hurt You
20.I Hear a Melody
21.Don't Call Me Sweetie
22.Flowers on the Hillside
23.I Know Plenty
24.Blue and Broken-Hearted
25.Where Have You Been My Love
26.That Little Word Called Love
27.Old Timer's Tune
28.Biddle-Dee Bop
29.What a Relief (Hoop Ah Hoop Ah, Bah Dah Dah)
30.You Take Care of Me (I'll Take Care of You)
31.My Sweetheart Left Me Behind

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