Document Records: Black Folk Singers 1937-1946 (RT)

1.untitled _Leadbelly (1937)
2.Introduction - WNYC Radio _Leadbelly (1940)
3.Ain't Going Down _Leadbelly (1940)
4.Don't You Love Your Daddy No More¿ _Leadbelly (1940)
5.You Can't Lose me, Charlie _Leadbelly (1940)
6.When You Get to Sleep, Please Don't Sleep Too Long _Leadbelly (1941)
7.Uncle Sam Says (Bottle Up and Go) _Leadbelly (1942)
8.Dear Mr. President~President Roosevelt _Leadbelly (1942)
9.If You Want to Do Your Part _Leadbelly (1942)
10.Hitler Song _Leadbelly (1943)
11.Rock Island Line _Leadbelly (1944)
12.Jim Crow Blues _Leadbelly (1944)
13.Careless Love _Leadbelly (1946)
14.Hold On _Josh White (1944)
15.Motherless Children (alt. take 1) _Josh White (1944)
16.Motherless Children (alt. take 2) _Josh White (1944)
17.Number 12 Train _Josh White (1944)
18.When I Lay Down _Josh White (1944)
19.Don't Lie, Buddy _Josh White (1944)
20.No More Blues (No More Bread Lines) _Josh White (1944)
21.One Meat Ball _Josh White (1944)
22.In My Time of Dying _Josh White (1945)
23.Evil Hearted Man _Josh White (1945)
24.One Meat Ball _Josh White (1945)
25.Take a Gal Like You _Josh White (1945)
26.Jelly Jelly _Josh White (1945)
27.Whatcha Gonna Do (Sometime) _Josh White (1945)
28.Trouble _Josh White (1945)
29.Beloved Comrade _Josh White (1945)
30.Free and Equal Blues _Josh White (1946)

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