Document Records: Rare Paramount Blues 1926-1929

1.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / Mama's Angel Child
2.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / All Birds Look Like Chicken to Me
3.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Cotton Field Blues
4.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Red River Blues
5.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Coon Can Blues
6.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Mississippi Strut
7.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Cleveland Strut
8.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Scoville Ave. Blues
9.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Michigan Shoe Blues
10.Charlie "Dad" Nelson / Traveling Daddy
11.Ruby Paul / Red Letter Blues
12.Ruby Paul / Last Farewell Blues
13.Jack O'Diamonds / The Ducks Yas Yas
14.Jack O'Diamonds / Smiling Blues
15.Lonnie Clark / Broke Down Engine
16.Lonnie Clark / Down in Tennessee
17.Smoky Harrison / Hop Head Blues
18.Smoky Harrison / Iggly Oggly Blues
19.Smoky Harrison / St. Peter's Blues -- Part 1
20.Smoky Harrison / St. Peter's Blues -- Part 2
21.Paramount All Stars / Hometown Skiffle -- Part 1
22.Paramount All Stars / Hometown Skiffle -- Part 2
23.Too Bad Boys / Corrine Corrina Blues
24.Too Bad Boys / Ballin' the Jack
25.Freddie Brown / Raised in the Alley Blues
26.Freddie Brown / Whip It to a Jelly

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