When I was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West (2/2)

1.Jimmie Davis / Cowboy's Home Sweet Home
2.Harry McClintock / Jesse James
3.Cartwright Brothers / Get Along Little Dogies
4.Jack Webb / The Night Guard
5.Gerald & Dixon / Back to My Wyoming Home
6.Carl Sprague / The Cowboy
7.Jules Allen / The Gal I Left Behind
8.Paul Hamblin / The Strawberry Roan
9.Rowdy Wright / I'm a Wandering Bronco Rider
10.Cartwright Brothers / The Dying Ranger
11.Delmore Brothers / The Fugitive's Lament
12.Crockett Family / Buffalo Gals Medley
13.Billie Maxwell / Billy Venero-Part 1
14.Billie Maxwell / Billy Venero-Part 2
15.J. D. Farley / I'm a Lone Star Cowboy
16.Buell Kazee / The Cowboy Trail
17.Powder River Jack & Ketty Lee / My Love Is a Cowboy
18.Patt Patterson & Lois Dxter / Smnow Covered Face
19.Frank Jenkins & His Pilot Mountaineers / The Burial of Wild Bill
20.Dick DeVall / Tom Sherman's Barroom
21.Rowdy Wright / I'm a Jolly Cowboy
22.Ken Maynard / Home on the Range
23.McGinty's Oklahoma Cowboy Band / Cowboy's Dream


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  2. Any chance of getting When I was A Cowboy vol. 1 & 2 reposted? Megaupload links don't work =/