Mississippi Masters: Early American Blues Classics 1928-1935

1.Garfield Akers / Dough Roller Blues
2.William Harris / Kansas City Blues
3.Otto Virgial / Little Girl In Rome
4.Mattie Delaney / Tallahatchie River Blues
5.Geeshie Wiley / Last Kind Words
6.Joe Calicott / Fare Thee Well Blues
7.William Harris / Bullfrog Blues
8.John D. Fox / The Moaning Blues
9.Geeshie Wiley and Elvie Thomas / Pick Poor Robin Clean
10.Blind Joe Reynolds / Outside Woman Blues
11.King Solomon Hill / Gone Dead Train
12.Garfield Akers / Cottonfield Blues Part1
13.Garfield Akers / Cottonfield Blues Part2
14.William Harris / Hot Time Blues
15.Geeshie Wiley / Skinny Legs Blues
16.Blind Joe Reynolds / Third Street Woman Blues
17.John D. Fox / Worried Man Blues
18.Mattie Delaney / Down The Big Road Blues
19.King Solomon Hill / Whoopee Blues
20.Elvie Thomas / Motherless Child Blues

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