Cliff Carlisle: Blues Yodler and Steel Guitar Wizard (Arhoolie7039)

1 Memphis Yodel
2 No Daddy Blues
3 Hobo Blues
4 Columbus Stockade Blues
5 Shanghai Rooster Yodel
6 I Don't Mind
7 High Steppin' Mama
8 It Ain't No Fault Of Mine
9 That Nasty Swing
10 Get Her By The Tail On A Down Hill Grade
11 My Lovin Kathleen
12 Wild Cat Woman And A Tom Cat Man, A
13 You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (Just Because)
14 Rambling Yodeler
15 When The Evening Sun Goes Down
16 Handsome Blues
17 My Rockin' Mama
18 Pay Day Fight
19 My Travelin' Night
20 Trouble Minded Blues
21 Pan American Man
22 I'm Saving Saturday Night For You
23 Footprints In The Snow
24 Black Jack David

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