Document Records: Old-Time Music from West Virginia 1927-1929

1.Cumberland Gap - Wmson Bros
2.Warfield - Wmson Bros
3.The Fun's All Over - Wmson Bros
4.Lonesome Road Blues - Wmson Bros
5.The Old Arm Chair - Wmson Bros
6.Gonna Die With My Hammer In My Hand - Wmson Bros
7.Old Black Dog - Dick Justice
8.Little Lulie - Dick Justice
9.Brown Skin Blues - Dick Justice
10.Cocaine - Dick Justice
11.Guian Valley Waltz - Jarvis and Justice
12.Poor Girl's Waltz - Jarvis and Justice
13.Poca River Blues - Jarvis and Justice
14.Muskrat Rag - Jarvis and Justice
15.Henry Lee - Dick Justice
16.One Cold December Day - Dick Justice
17.The Chevrolet Six - Frank Hutchison
18.Cumberland Gap - Frank Hutchison
19.The Deal - Frank Hutchison
20.Railroad Bill - Frank Hutchison
21.Johnny and Jane - Part 1 - Frank Hutchison
22.Johnny and Jane - Part 2 - Frank Hutchison
23.Cannon Ball Blues - Frank Hutchison
24.K. C. Blues - Frank Hutchison

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