Flowers in The Wildwood - Women in Early Country

1.Wish I Was a Single Girl Again / Lulu Belle & Scotty
2.Single Life / Roba Stanley
3.I Left Her Standing There / Dezurik Sisters
4.Flowers Blooming in The Wildwood / Coon Creek Girls
5.She Came Rollin' Down The Mountain / The Aaron Sisters
6.Just Another Broken Heart / The Carter Family
7.Round-up Time in Texas / Girls of The Golden West
8.we Are Climbing / Chuck Wagon Gang Man's a Jolly Railroad Man / Moonshine Kate Poncho Pony / Patsy Montana
11.Lorena / Joe & Alma (The Kentucky Girls)
12.All The Good Times Are Past & Gone / Fred & Gertrude Gossett
13.Round Town Girls / Wanda & Ruth Neal
14.Home-Coming Week / The Leatherman Sisters
15.Brother, be Ready For That Day / Grady & Hazel Cole
16.on The Banks of The Old Tennessee / Mr. & Mrs. j.W. Baker
17.Kentucky Miner's Wife (Ragged Hungry Blues) pt.1 / Aunt Molly Jackson
18.go to Sleep my Darling / Dezurik Sisters
19.Walking in The King's Highway / The Carter Family Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me / Southland's Ladies Quartette
21.Little Birdie / Coon Creek Girls
22.Big-Eyed Rabbit / Samantha Bumgarnier & Eva Davis
23.o-Pators - How'm I Doin' / The Aaron Sisters With The Song
24.Prayer / Wisdom Sisters
25.With my Banjo on my Knee Blues / Louisiana Lou

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