Jimmie Davis - You Are My Sunshine (1/5)

1.all alone in this world 1938
2.goodbye old booze 1938
3.you're as welcome as the flowers in may 1940
4.i saw your face in the moon 1938
5.i love everything you do 1938
6.hard hearted mama 1938
7.there's a gold mine in the sky 1938
8.nobody's lonesome for me 1998
9.meed me tonight in dreamland 1938
10.there's a ranch in the rockies 1938
11.headin' home 1938
12.farewell to the range 1938
13.i'm drifting back to dreamland 1938
14.memories 1939
15.i'm waiting for ships that never come in 1940
16.it makes no difference now 1938
17.the curse of an aching heart 1938
18.you tell me your dream i'll tell you mine 1938
19.don't break her heart boy 1938
20.i've tried so hard to forget you 1939
21.what good will it do 1939
22.the same old moon is shining 1939
23.i'm wondering now 1939
24.dream of love (liebestraum) 1939
25.if tomorrow never comes 1939
26.when you know you're not forgotten by the girl you can't forget 1998
27.some must win-some lose 1939



  1. Great,Great,Great....btw r u the original poster or a fan...either way the peace and harmony of the universe has been restored!!

  2. Did you remember El Diablo Tun Tun ?

    And howie do :)

    nice you're back :)

  3. thanks for this!
    only problem is, the first tracks in cds 1 and 2 have data errors in the archives
    can you just post those tracks?
    thank you very much!
    it's the files starting with 01 in the 1 and 2 folders, everything else is great, thanks!