Washington Phillips - Key to the Kingdom (1927-1929)

01 Lift Him Up That's All
02 Paul and Silas in Jail
03 Mother's Last Word to Her Son
04 The Church Needs Good Deacons
05 Jesus Is My Friend
06 A Mother's Last Word to Her Daughter
07 I Had a Good Father and Mother
08 I Am Born to Preach the Gospel
09 Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There
10 Denomination Blues, Pt. 1
11 Denomination Blues, Pt. 2
12 What Are They Doing in Heaven Today
13 I've Got the Key to the Kingdom
14 Train Your Child
15 You Can't Stop a Tattler, Pt. 1
16 You Can't Stop a Tattler, Pt. 2
17 Wouldn't Mind Dying if Dying Was All

bonus tracks:  by BLIND MAMIE AND A.C. FOREHAND:
18 I'm So Glad Today, Today
19 Honey in the Rock
20 Mother's Prayer


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