Before The Blues (3)

1.Memphis Minnie / Frisco Town
2.Mississippi John Hurt / Spike Driver's Blues
3.Cannon's Jug Stompers / Feather Bed
4.Henry Thomas / Fox and the Hounds
5.Buster Carter & Preston Young / A Lazy Farmer Boy
6.Luke Jordan / Pick Poor Robin Clean
7.Bobby Grant / Nappy Head Blues
8.Taylor's Kentucky Boys / Sourwood Mountain
9.Texas Alexander / Levee Camp Moan Blues
10.Evans & McClain / John Henry Blues
11.Biddleville Quintette / Coming to Christ
12.Clarence Ashley / House Carpenter
13.Lil McClintock / Furniture Man
14.Cow Cow Davenport / Alabama Strut
15.Furry Lewis / Kassie Jones (Part 1)
16.Blind Boy Fuller / Thousend Woman Blues
17.Blind Blake / Champaign Charlie Is My Name
18.Moses Mason / Molly Man
19.Frank Stokes / Chicken You Can Roost Behind The Moon
20.John Hammond / Little Birdie
21.Barbecue Bob / Black Skunk Blues
22.Coley Jones / Drunkard's Special
23.Blue Boys / Easy Winner

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