Kentucky Mountain Music (2)

1.Burnett & Rutherford / Curley Headed Woman
2.Jimmy Johnson's String Band / Gate To Go Through
3.Martin & Roberts / Hot Corn
4.Taylor, Moore & Burnett / Grandma's Rag
5.Rutherford & Foster / I'm As Free Little Birdie As Can Be
6.Ted Gossett's Band / Rocky Mountain Goat
7.Green Bailey / Shut Up In Coal Creek Mine
8.Crockett Family Mountaineers / Sugar In My Coffee (Medley)
9.Buell Kazee / The Butcher's Boy
10.Doc Roberts / New Money
11.Burnett & Rutherford / Pearl Bryan
12.Kentucky String Ticklers / Crooked John
13.Daw Henson / The Moonshiner
14.J. W. Day / Forked Deer
15.Taylor's Kentucky Boys / The Dixie Cowboy
16.Walter Williams / Mississippi Sawyer
17.Rutherford & Foster / Six Months Ain't Long
18.Ed Morrison / Blackberry Blossom
19.Theophilus Hoskins / Ellen Smith
20.Henry L. Bandy / Five Up
21.Pete Steele / Payday At Coal Creek
22.Justis Begley / Golden Willow Tree
23.Alice & Martha Williams & Elizabeth Flatt / The Last Appeal

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