Southern Style Western Swing

1. There'll Be Some Changes Made - O'Daniel, W. Lee & His Hillbilly Boys
2. Nancy Jane - Forth Worth Doughboys
3. Playboy Stomp - Bob Wills
4. Better Quit It Now - Adolph Hofner
5. Oh You Pretty Woman - Milton Brown
6. I Got Texas in My Soul - Tex Williams
7. You Can't Come In - Bill Boyd
8. Oklahoma City Blues - Jimmy Wakely
9. Brown's Ferry Boogie - Zeke Clements
10.Blue Guitars - The Light Crust Doughboys
11.Draftboard Blues - Cliff Bruner
12.Time Changes Everything - Roy Rogers
13.Fort Worth Stomp - The Crystal Springs Ramblers
14.Double Up and Catch Up - Leon Chappel
15.There's a Tear in My Beer - Big Bill Lister
16.Texas Boogie - Gene O'Quin
17.Ain't a Bump in the Road - Roy Hogsed
18.Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am - Jimmie Dolan
19.Sleepy Eyed John - Ole Rasmussen
20.Truck Driver's Boogie - Jess Willard
21.I'm Comin' over Tonight - Rod Morris
22.Detour - Spade Cooley
23.Florence - Leon Selph
24.I'm Losing My Mind Over You - Al Dexter
25.Sadie Green (The Vamp of New Orleans) - Roy Newman

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