Kentucky Mountain Music (3)

01 Way Up on Clinch Mountain
02 Going to Jail
03 Richmond Blues
04 Soap in the Washpan
05 Ain't Going to Lay My Armor Down
06 Old Voile
07 Gentle Annie
08 Billy in the Low Ground
09 Lady Margaret and Sweet William
10 And the Cat Came Back
11 Pass Around the Bottle
12 Coal Creek March
13 Johnny O Johnny
14 Taylor's Quickstep (Monroe County Quickstep)
15 I've Been All Around This World
16 Jenny Baker
17 Come All You Roving Cowboys
18 Soldier's Joy
19 I Came to This Country
20 Medley of Old Time Dance Tunes, Pt. 1- Husking Bee-Old Molly Hare-Wild
21 Rambling Reckless Hobo
22 Wild Horse
23 Old Christmas
24 The Rowan County Feud
25 Wish I Had My Time Again

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