The Sunny Side Of Life (2)

Hymns My Mother Sang 
Have No Desire To Roam 
No Disappointment In Heaven 
KnoXVIlle Girl (Story Of The KnoXVIlle Girl) 
On The Old Plantation 
In MY Little Home In Tennessee 
Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes 
Prisoner's Dream 
Answer To The Prisoner's Dream 
When The Stars Begin To Fall 
We Buried Her 
Heaven Holds All To Me 
Little Bessie 
I Need The Prayers 
Old Fashioned Meeting 
Katie Dear 
Who Wouldn't Be Lonely 
When The Valley Moon Was Low 
My Last Letter Mother Went Her Holiness Way 
Hang Out The Front Door Key 
This Is Like Heaven To Me 
I've Found A Friend Asleep In The Briny Deep 
Last Night While Standing By My Window 
There Was A Time Bring Back My Wandering Boy

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