Billy Cotton and his Band (1932-36)

01-Snap Your Fingers
02-A Little Street Where
03-Happy Times
04-Somebody Stole My Gal
05-Bugle Call Rag
06-Falling For You
07-Waltz Time
08-Whistling Under The Moon
09-Roll Up The Carpet
10-The Show Is Over
11-Little Man, You've Had
12-The Third Tiger
13-St. Louis Blues
14-When The New Moon
15-Who Made Little Boy
16-I'll Never Say Never
17-Ev'ry Single Little
18-On Treasure Island
19-The Sunset Trail
20-The Music Goes Round
21-After You've Gone
22-The Glory Of Love
23-Twelfth Street Rag
24-A Pretty Girl Is Like

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