Kentucky Mountain Music (6)

1.Mangrum & Shriver / Bill Cheatam
2.Buell Kazee / Short Life Of Trouble
3.Madisonville String Band / B Flat Rag
4.Green Bailey / The Fate Of Ellen Smith
5.Jimmy Johnson's String Band / Washington Quadrille
6.Rutherford & Foster / Storms May Rule the Ocean
7.Taylor's Kentucky Boys / Gray Eagle
8.Crockett Family Mountaineers / Bile Dem Cabbage Down
9.Doc Roberts / Martha Campbell
10.Burnett & Rutherford / I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again
11.Charlie Wilson & His Hillbillies / Shelvin Rock
12.Buell Kazee / The Roving Cowboy
13.Ted Gossett's Band / Fox Chase
14.Lonesome Luke & His Farm Boys / Dogs In The Ashcan
15.Green Maggard / Come All Ye Fair And Handsome Girls
16.Pete Steele / Rambling Hobo
17.Clifford Gross / Leather Breeches
18.Bill Bundy / Poison In A Glass Of Wine
19.Tom West / The Valentine
20.Walter Family / Flying Cloud Waltz
21.Ed Morrison / A Western Union Telegram
22.James Howard / My Little Carpenter
23.Hatton Brothers / Hook And Line
24.Oaks Family / Will It Pay

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