The Paramount Masters (3)

1.Bo Weevil Jackson / Some Scream High Yellow
2.Jabo Williams / Jab Blues
3.Freddie Brown / Raised In the Alley Blues
4.George 'Bullet' Williams / Frisco Leaving Birmingham
5.Blind Joe Reynolds / Ninety-Nine Blues
6.Roosevelt Sykes / Conjur Man Blues
7.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / Mama's Angel Child
8.Lottie Beaman / Honey Blues
9.Bobby Grant / Lonesome Atlanta Blues
10.Robert Peeples / Fat, Greasy Baby
11.Little Brother Montgomery / No Special Rider Blues
12.Blind Roosevelt Graves / New York Blues
13.Henry Townsend / Doctor, Oh, Doctor
14.Bogus Ben Covington / I Heard the Voice of a Pork Chop
15.Ruby Paul / Red Letter Blues
16.Piano Kid Edwards / Piano Kid Special
17.Famous Hokum Boys / Where Did You Stay, Last Nighr
18.King Solomon Hill / The Gone Dead Train
19.Wesley Wallace / Fanny Lee Blues
20.Washboard Walter / Narrow Face Blues
21.Geechie Wiley / Pick Poor Robin Clean
22.George Hannah / The Boy In the Boat
23.Marshall Owens / Texas Blues
24.James 'Boodle It' Wiggins / Evil Woman Blues
25.Roosevelt Sykes / Three, Six & Nine

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