The Paramount Masters (2)

1.Charley Patton / I Shall Not Be Moved (alt. take)
2.Raymond Barrow / Walking Blues
3.Blind Roosevelt Graves / Guitar Boogie
4.Alice Moore / Black & Evil Blues
5.Ben Curry / The New Dirty Dozen
6.Freddie Spruell / Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man
7.Little Brother Montgomery / Vicksburg Blues
8.Henry Townsend / Jack of Diamonds Georgia Rub
9.John Byrd / Billy Goat Blues
10.Side Wheel Sally Duffie / Bunker Hill Blues
11.Buddy Boy Hawkins / Number Three Blues
12.Ed Bell / Mamlish Blues
13.Henry Brown / Eastern Chimes Blues
14.Charlie Spand / Fetch Your Water
15.J.D. Short / Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake
16.Alice Pearson / Water Bound Blues
17.Lonnie Clark / Broke Down Engine
18.Barrel House Welch / Dying Pickpocket Blues
19.Edward Thompson / Seven Sister Blues
20.John Byrd / Old Timbrook Blues
21.Bob Robinson / The Preacher Must Get Some, Sometime
22.Elvie Thomas / Motherless Child Blues
23.Jack O'Diamonds / The Duck's Yas Yas
24.Ben Curry / Boodle De Bum Bum
25.James Wiggins / Gotta Shave 'em Dry

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