The Paramount Masters (1)

1.Bobby Grant / Nappy Head Blues
2.Lottie Beaman / Red River Blues
3.Meade Lux Lewis / Honky Tonk Train Blues
4.Bo Weevil Jackson / You Can't Keep No Brown
5.Teddy Darby / Lawdy, Lawdy, Worried Blues
6.Wesley Wallace / No.29
7.Blind Joe Reynolds / Outside Woman Blues
8.William Moore / Old Country Rock
9.James 'Boodle It' Wiggins / Keep A-Knockin'
10.George 'Bullet' Williams / Touch Me Light, Mama
11.Moanin' Bernice Edwards / Jack of All Trades
12.Harum Scarums / Come on In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me)
13.Sweet Papa Stovepipe / All Birds Look Like Chicken to Me
14.Charlie 'Dad' Nelson / Cotton Field Blues
15.Ma Rainey / Traveling Blues
16.Charlie Spand / Soon This Morning Blues
17.Papa Charlie Jackson / Gay Cattin'
18.King Solomon Hill / Whoopee Blues
19.Geechie Wiley / Eagles on a Half
20.Washboard Walter / Wasn't It Sad About Lemon
21.George Hannah / Freakish Man Blues
22.Bumble Bee Slim / Rough, Rugged Road Blues
23.Rube Lacy / Mississippi Jail House Groan
24.Marshall Owens / Try Me, One More Time
25.Mary Johnson / Barrel House Flat Blues

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