Kentucky Mountain Music (1)

1.Burnett & Rutherford / Ladies On The Steamboat
2.Buell Kazee / The Dying Soldier
3.Crockett Family Mountaineers / Little Rabbit/Rabbit Where's Your Mammy
4.Shortbuckle Roarke & Family / I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
5.Ted Gossett's Band / Eighth Of January
6.Burnett & Rutherford / All Night Long Blues
7.Jimmy Johnson's String Band / Shipping Port
8.Robert L. Day / The Rowan County Crew
9.Doc Roberts / Deer Walk
10.Rutherford & Foster / Let Her Go, I'll Meet Her
11.Walter Family / That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It
12.Martin & Roberts / Lillie Dale
13.Rutherford, Moore & Burnett / Cumberland Gap
14.James Howard / The Old Fish Song
15.Fort Thomas Group / The Red Hill Special
16.Green Bailey / If I Die A Railroad Man
17.J. W. Day / Grand Hornpipe
18.Walter Williams / East Virginia
19.Taylor's Kentucky Boys / Forked Deer
20.Pete Steele / Pretty Polly
21.Justis Begley / Run Banjo
22. We'll Understand It Better Bye And Bye – Kentucky Mountain Chorusters

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