Document Records: Charley Lincoln and Willie Baker 1927-1930 Atlanta Blues

01 Jealous Hearted Blues
02 Hard Luck Blues
03 Mojoe Blues
04 My Wife Drove Me from My Door
05 Country Breakdown
06 Chain Gang Trouble
07 If It Looks Like Jelly Shakes Like Jelly It Must Be Gelatine
08 Ugly Papa
09 Depot Blues
10 Gamblin' Charley
11 Doodle Hole Blues
12 Mama Don't Rush Me Blues
13 Mama Don't Rush Me Blues
14 No No Blues
15 Weak-Minded Blues
16 Bad Luck Moan
17 Ain't It a Good Thing
18 Crooked Woman Blues
19 Rag Baby
20 Weak-Minded Woman
21 Sweet Patunia Blues

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