Document Records: Georgia Songsters (1926-1930)

01 Down in the Old Home Town
02 Hide Away
03 Kiss Me, Cindy
04 Old Folks Get in Bed
05 Henry Ford's Model a
06 Married Life Blues
07 Me and My Gal
08 Riiding in a Chevrolet Six
09 Sweetest Girl in Town
10 The Farmer's Dream
11 The Girl I Love in Sunny Tennessee
12 Little Nan
13 Race Between a Ford and Chevorlet
14 Georgia Is My Home
15 Take Back Your Gold
16 The Railroad Tramp
17 Crazy Coon
18 Betsey Brown
19 Sweet Marie
20 Lulu Walsh
21 Mother's Face I Long to See
22 In the Time of Long Ago

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