The Story That The Crow Told Me (2/2)

1. BILL CARLISLE, Little Honey Bee

2. LAKE HOWARD, Chewing Gum Blues 

3. ANNA & JULIA CANOVA, The Frog Went A-Courtin

4. SKILLET LICKERS, Devilish Mary 
5. KELLY HARREL, Charley, He's A Good Old Man

7. A. A. GRAY & SEVEN FOOT DILLY, The Old Ark's A Moving

8. HENRY THOMAS, The Little Red Caboose
9. CAROLINA TAR HEELS, Somebody's Tall and Handsome

10. BUCKLEBUSTERS, Cluck Old Hen 
11. MCGEE BROTHERS & TODD, Charming Bill

12. PRAIRIE RAMBLERS, Beaver Creek
13. BRADLEY KINCAID, A Paper of Pins
14. FORD & GRACE, Kiss Me Cindy
15. LEROY CARR, Carried Water For The Elephant
16. ARTHUR SMITH TRIO, Pig At Home In The Pen
17. CHUBBY PARKER, Get Away Old Maids Get Away
18. NORTH CAROLINA COOPER BOYS, Daniel In The Den Of Liars
19. BRADLEY KINCAID, Sourwood Mountain
20. LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS, Molly Put The Kettle On
21. JOE REED FAMILY, Little David Play On Your Harp
22. LAND NORRIS, I Love Somebody
23. VERNON DALHART, Jesus Loves Me

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