The Story That The Crow Told Me (1/2)

1.Homer Barehopper / I Am Just What I Am
2.Three Georgia Crackers / Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy
3.Bill Carlisle / Barnyard Tumble
4.Clayton McMichen & Riley Pucket / Old Molly Hare
5.Four Wanderers / Animals Coming In
6.Cousin Emmy / Johnny Booker 2
7.Pickard Family / The Old Grey Goose Is Dead
8.Bradley Kincaid / Pretty Little Pink
9.Dykes Magic City Trio / Free Little Bird
10.Chubby Parker / King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-me-o
11.Fisher Hendley & His Aristrocratic Pigs / Hop Along Peter
12.Lew Childre / Horsie Keep Your Tail Up
13.Ridgel's Fountian Citians / The Nick Nack Song
14.Carolina Buddies / The Story That The Crow Told Me
15.Bo Carter / Sue Cow
16.Uncle Eck Dunford / Skip To Ma Lou, My Darling
17.Gene Austin / Cindy
18.Virginia Mountain Boomers / Say Darling Say
19.Bradley Kincaid / Liza Up At The Simmon Tree
20.Dixie Crackers / The Old Cow Bell
21.Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers / George Washington
22.Fruit Jar Guzzlers / Sourwood Mountain
23.Utica Institute Jubilee Singers / Angels Watching Over Me

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