Texas-Czech: Bohemian-Moravian Bands (Arhoolie7026)

1.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Dratenik (Tinker polka)
2.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Lesni Zábava (forest Part)
3.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Pisnicka Ceska (Song of Bohemia)
4.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / March Prodaná Nevesta (Bartered Bride March)
5.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Já Jsem Mladá Vdova (Young Widow Polka)
6.Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians / Vzpominky Z MLadi (Memories of Youth)
7.Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians / Rozvedena (Divorced)
8.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Okolo Mesice (Around the Moon)
9.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Zvadla Ruze (Faded Rose)
10.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Dobrunoc (Good Night)
11.Bacova's Ceska Kapela / Stará Konská Brána (The Old Horse Gate)
12.Julius Dietert's Band / Red Raven Polka
13.Joe Patek's Orchestra / Krasna Amerika (Beautiful America)
14.Joe Patek's Orchestra / Shiner Song
15.Joe Patek's Orchestra / Mozna Ze Jo Ze Ne (Maybe Yes, Maybe No)
16.Joe Patek's Orchestra / Wheel Barrow Polka
17.Frank Hermanek's Band / Sekerecka (Little Axe)
18.Adolph Hofner / Happy Go Lucky Polka
19.Adolph Hofner / The Prune Waltz
20.Adolph Hofner / Barbara Polka
21.Adolph Hofner / Green Meadow Waltz
22.Adolph Hofner / Shiner Song (Farewell to Prague)
23.Benny Brosch & His Orchestra / Barbara Polka
24.John R. Baca's Orchestra / Circling Pigeons Waltz
25.Ray Krenek's Orchstra / Musikanti Pojdte Hrat (Musicians Come Out And Play)
26.Bill Mraz Orchestra / Oneida Polka
27.Joe Patek's Orchestra /Corrido Polka


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