Frankie Miller: Sugar Coated Baby - The Columbia Sides 1954-1956

1.I Don´t Know
2.I Won´t Forget
3.I´m Still In Love Wirth You
4.I´m Gettin´Rid Of You
5.You Just Had
6.Barefoot Blues
7.I´m Only Wishin´
8.I´m So Blue i Don´t Know What To Do
9.I Dreamed You Were Here Last Night
10.Baby We´re Really In Love
11.I can´t Run Away
12.I´d still Want You
13.I Don´t Know What To Tell My Heart
14.Hey Where Ya Goin´?
15.You´ll never be True
16.It´s No Big Thing To Me
17.What Have I Ever Done
18.Paid In Full
19.My Wedding Song To You
20.You´re Going To Cry On My Shoulder Again
21.You Don´t Show Me Much
22.What You Do From Now On
23.Paint,Powder And Perfume
24.Day By Day
25.I Don´t Know Why I Love You
26.Love Me Now
27.Living Doll
28.Sugar Coated Baby
29.This Lonley Heart
30.Power of Love

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