Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1950-1955)

01 On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine
02 I'm Talkin', Start Walkin'
03 Lipstick on Your Collar
04 From One O'Clock to Midnight
05 Pretty as a Queen
06 Little Jeannie
07 Prince Edward Island Is Heaven to Me
08 From Paree to Tennessee
09 Honey, Honey Mine
10 Come Back to This Heart of Mine
11 In Sunny Tennessee
12 She Took
13 Don't Stop - I Like It!
14 Fuzzy-Wuzzy Teddy Bear
15 Pale Moon.mp3
16 The Waltz of the Bridge
17 Yes I Do, No I Don't (The Question Song)
18 When It's Appleblossomtime in Annapolis Valley
19 Lord Please Tell Me, Do
20 I'll Be Waiting Patiently
21 One Poor Lonely Heart
22 Mama Come Home
23 Tom-Tom Yodel
24 Jealous Love
25 No Heart at All
26 Add a Name
27 Gonna Build a Fence Around You
28 Tell It Righ
29 I Heard the Bluebirds Sing
30 It's Good-Bye and So Long to You



  1. There is still no music when you download this post. I have been coming back to it repeatedly since it first appeared, but the download file contains only 1.9 KB.

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  3. bummer. but why don't you check out the textfile???

  4. There is no music on here at all and this is a great set because I have heard it before, Would you please reload it?

  5. Amazing!
    I was a big fan of eldiablotuntun and my computer had lost this gem!
    Thanks a million! :D

  6. I would really love to get this record! Is there any way you could repost this?