Hillbilly Blues 1928-1946 (1/2)

1.Jimmie Rodgers / Blue Yodel
2.Darby & Tarlton / Heavy Hearted Blues
3.Darby & Tarlton / Freight Train Ramble
4.Jimmie Davis / Arabella Blues
5.Jimmie Davis / Sewing Machine Blues
6.Delmore Brothers / Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
7.Riley Puckett / Chain Gang Blues
8.Jimmie Davis / Easy Rider Blues
9.Allen Brothers / New Deal Blues
10.Milton Brown / Somebody's Been Using That Thing
11.Milton Brown / Texas Hambone Blues
12.Hartman's Heartbreakers / No Huggin' or Kissin'
13.Hartman's Heartbreakers / Grandma and Grandpa
14.Bob Wills / Swing Blues #1
15.Buddy Jones / Mean Old Lonesome Blues
16.Helen Hunt / Married Man Blues
17.Adolph Hofner / I'll Keep My Old Guitar
18.Rambling Rangers / Gettin' Tired

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