Cliff Carlisle: Classic Country Sides 1936-1941 [D]

01 When I Feel Froggie I'm Gonna Hop
02 Shufflin' Gal
03 When I'm Dead and Gone
04 Just a Wayward Boy
05 There's a Lamp in the Window Tonight
06 Ridin' That Lonesome Train
07 A Little Bit of Lovin' from You
08 Blue Dreams
09 Rocky Road
10 Sweet as the Roses of Spring
11 The Poor Widow.mp3
12 Your Saddle Is Empty Tonight
13 Lonely
14 The Gal I Left Behind
15 Ridin' the Blinds to the Call of the Pines
16 When the Old Cow Went Dry
17 Deep Sea Blues
18 My Little Sadie
19 Flag That Train
20 Go and Leave Me If You Wish To
21 You'll Never Know
22 No Wedding Bells
23 I Believe I'm Entitled to You
24 She Waits for Me There

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