Jamaica before the Ska

1.Louise Bennett - Linstead Market
2.Louise Bennett - Bongo Man
3.Lord Composer - Hill & Gully Ride - Mandeville Road
4.Lord Composer - Gal A Gully - Matilda
5.Lord Fly - Swine Lane Gal - Iron Bar
6.Lord Fly - When Me Look Upon Janie - So Ada - Time So Hard
7.Lord Fly - Strike, Strike, Strike
8.Harold Richardson - Healing In The Balmyard
9.Count Lasher - Sam Fi Man
10.Count Lasher - Mango Time
11.Count Lasher - Calypso Cha Cha Cha
12.Baba Motta - Jamaica Talk
13.Lord Fly - Blu-Lu-Lup
14.Tony Johnson - Give Her Banana
15.Lord Flea - It All Began With Adam And Eve
16.Ben Bowers - Not Me
17.Lord Power - Let's Do It
18.Lord Power - Penny-Reel
19.Lord Power - Chamboline
20.Laurel Aitken - Sweet Chariot
21.Laurel Aitken - Nebuchnezer
22.Laurel Aitken - Baba Kill Me Goat
23.Laurel Aitken - Tribute To Collie Smith


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