Legends of Calypso

1. André Toussaint: Calypso Island (Alice Simms)
2. Calypso Mama: Court House Scandal (Maureen DuValiera)
3. Peanuts Taylor: Lizzie Carry Basket (John Berkley Taylor)
4. Blind Blake: De Pig an' Goat (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
5. Blind Blake: Brown Skin Gal / Mary Ann (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
6. Leslie Scott & Irene Williams: Crazy like Mad (Irene Williams)
7. Calypso Eddie: Matilda (Norman Span)
8. Harold "Digby" McNair: Back to Back (Zombie Jamboree) (Conrad Mauge)
9. Mighty Panther: Barbados Carnival (Vernon J. Roberts) -
10. Brownie: The Bedbug Song (Irving Brown/Alwyn Richards)
11. Calypso Mama: De Peas 'n' de Rice (Maureen DuValiera) -
12. Blind Blake: Gin & Coconut Water (Blake Alphonso Higgs) -
13. AndrÉ Toussaint: Yellow Bird (Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Norman Luboff)
14. Mighty Panther: Mama Hold De Light (Vernon J. Roberts)
15. Blind Blake: Bahama Lullaby Rock (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
16. Calypso Mama: Don't Touch Me Tomato (trad., arr. by Maureen DuValiera)
17. AndrÉ Toussaint: Hold 'em Joe (Roy Thomas)
18. Leslie Scott & Irene Williams: Scratch My Back (Leslie Scott & Irene Williams)
19. Blind Blake: Bellamena (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
20. Mighty Panther: Nora Nora (Vernon J. Roberts)
21. Blind Blake: O' Look Misery (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
22. AndrÉ Touissant: Watermelon Spoilin’ / Here I Go Walkin’ (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
23. Blind Blake: The Monkey Song (Blake Alphonso Higgs)
24. Mighty Panther: The Big Bamboo (Vernon J. Roberts)
25. Colin Kelly: The Snorkel Song (Colin Kelly)


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