Bud & Joe Billings - Singing Pals From Kansas (cattle207)

1.Little Cabin in the Cascade Mountains
2.Steamboat (Keep Rockin')
3.Never Leave Your Gal Too Long
4.On Top of the Hill
5.The Song of The Silver Dollar
6.By The Old Oak Tree
7.Goin Back To Texas
8.When The Sun Goes Down In A Little Prairie Town
9.The Wreck of the Number 9
10.Sleepy Rio Grande
11.Red River Valley
12.I Tore Up Your Picture When You Said Goodbye
13.Moonlight On The Colorado
14.Left My Gal In The Mountains
15.When It's Springtime In The Rockies
16.Heroes of the Vestris
17.When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
18.Tell Me That You Love Me, Dear
19.Barnacle Bill The Sailor
20.The Prison Fire
21.It's The Same The Whole World


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