Hugh & Karl Farr: Hot'n'Bluesy 1934-1940

1.Blues In E
2.Main Street
3.Buglers Blues
4.Bluebird Rhythm
5.Fire Alarm Blues
6.Milenberg Joys
7.Cajun Stomp
8.St. Louis Blues
9.Kilocycle Stomp
10.Outlaw Rag
11.Riddle Rhythm
12.'Deed I Do
13.Lazy River
14.Now or never
15.Swingin' the Bow
16.Cricket Hop
17.Dance of the Dogies
18.Cactus Swing
19.Heart to Heart
20.I Said Goodbye
21.Comin' Thru the Rye
22.Memories in Blue
23.Dark Eyes
24.Texas Stomp
25.Farr Away Stomp
26.The Knock Me Over, Easy Moma, Don't Take All My Spending, Money, I'll Buy That New Car for You Blues

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