Hank Penny: Flamin' Mamie 1938-1941

1.Flamin' Mamie
2.I've Got The Right Key Baby
3.Cheatin' On You Baby
4.She's Just That Kind
5.Blue Melody
6.Yankee Doodle
7.The Last Goodbye
8.Tonight You Belong To Me
9.You're So Different
10.Black Eyed Susie
11.Take It Slow And Easy
12.I Told Them All About You
13.Just A Message
14.Just Forget
15.I Don't Love Anybody But You
16.Looking For Someone To Love
17.Just For Old Time's Sake
18.One Of Us Was Wrong
19.They're All Just The Same To Me
20.I Hate To Lose You
21.Walking Home From An Old Country School
22.Steel Guitar Hula
24.Why Did I Cry?
25.Standing 'Neath The Old Pine Tree
26.Army Blues
27.Off To Honolulu
28.Midnight Blues


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