London is the place for me: Trinidadian Calypso 1950-1956

1.Lord Kitchener / London is the place for me
2.Young Tiger / I was there (at the Coronation)
3.Lord Beginner / Mix up matrimony
4.Lord Kitchener / My landlady
5.Lord Kitchener / Kitch's bebop calypso
6.Lord Beginner / Victory test match
7.Lord Kitchener / Birth of Ghana
8.Lord Invader / Aguiti
9.Lord Beginner / Jamaica Hurricane
10.Lord Kitchener / Kitch in the jungle
11.Mighty Terror / No carnival in Britain
12.Lord Kitchener / The underground train
13.Lord Beginner / Housewives
14.The Lion / Some girl something
15.Lord Kitchener / Saxophone No. 2
16.Lord Beginner / Fed-A-Ray
17.Timothy / Bulldog don't bite me
18.The Lion / Spanish Calypso
19.Lord Kitchener / If you're not white you're black
20.Lord Kitchener / Sweet Jamaica

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