Cliff Carlisle: Classic Country Sides 1933-1936 [C]

01 Traveling Life Alone
02 Ramschackled Shack on the Hill
03 Don't Marry the Wrong Woman
04 Sunshine and Daisies
05 Georgia Moon
06 Dollar's All I Crave
07 On the Lone Prairie
08 The Bunch of Cactus on the Wall
09 Casey County Jail
10 Valley of Peace
11 Will You Meet Me Just Inside
12 Jesus My All
13 Won't Somebody Pal with Me
14 Sweet Nannie Lisle
15 Hen Pecked Man
16 So Blue
17 Look out I'm Shifting Gears
18 In a Box Car Around the World
19 Two Little Sweethearts
20 A Little White Rose
21 The Flower of the Valley
22 Just a Song at Childhood
23 They Say It Is the End of the Trail Old Paint
24 My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing
25 That Good Old Utah Trail

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