Document Records: Roy Harvey 1926-1927 (Vol 1)

1.The Brave Engineer
2.Dark Eyes
3.Willie, Poor Boy
4.When The Bees Are In The Hive
5.Daisies Won't Tell
6.The Wreck Of Virginian No 3
7.Please Papa Come Home
8.The Old Clay Pipe
9.Write A Letter To My Mother
10.Poor Little Joe
11.We Will Outshine The Sun
12.Walking On The Streets Of Glory
13.I Cannot Call Her Mother
14.Pearl Bryant
15.Take Back The Ring
16.Willie My Darling
17.Give My Love To Nell
18.My Mother And My Sweetheart
19.She Is Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage
20.Bill Mason
21.Kitty Blye
22.I'm Glad I Married
23.Sweet Sunny South
24.Blue Eyes

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