"Dope & Glory" Reefer Songs of the 30s and 40s (2/2)

1.The Cats & The Fiddle / Killin' Jive
2.The Meltone Boys / Mary Jane
3.Louis Armstrong / Sweet Sue, Just You
4.Nat King Cole Trio / Hit That Jive Jack
5.Sam Price / All Teeed Up
6.Original New Orleans Rhythm Kings / Golden Leaf Strut
7.Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys / Reefer Head Woman
8.Richard Jones & His Jazz Wizards / Blue Reefer Blues
9.Mezz Mezzrow & His Swing Band / I'se a-Muggin Part 1
10.Mezz Mezzrow & His Swing Band / I'se a-Muggin Part 2
11.Frankie Jaxon / Jive Man Blues
12.Big Bill Broonzy & Jean Brady / Knocking Myself Out
13.Richard Jones & His Jazz Wizards / Muggin' The Blues
14.Lil Johnson / Mellow Stuff
15.Tommy Dorsey / Minor Goes A Muggin'
16.Cab Calloway / Reefer Man
17.Oscars Chicago Swingers / Try Some Of That
18.Slim & Slam / Dopey Joe
19.Cleo Brown / The Stuff Is Here
20.Cedar Creek Sheik / Don't Credit My Stuff
21.Willie Bryant & Orchestra / A Vipers Moan
22.Don Redman & Orchestra / Chant Of The Weed
23.Larry Adler / Smoking Reefers
24.Louis Armstrong & Orchestra / Muggles
25.Frankie 'Half Pint' Jaxon / Willie The Weeper


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