Harmonica Masters: Classic Recordings from the 20s and 30s

1.DeFord Bailey - Ice Water Blues
2.Palmer McAbee - Lost Boy Blues
3.Alfred Lewis - Mississippi Swamp Moan
4.Kyle Wooten - Choking Blues
5.Noah Lewis - Chickasaw Special
6.Six Cylinder Smith - Pennsylvania Woman Blues
7.Dr. Humphrey Bates' Possum Hunters - Take Your Foot Out of the Mud & Put it in the Sand
8.The Bubbling Over Five - Don't Mistreat Your Good Boy Friend
9.Murphy Brothers Harp Band - The Downfall of Paris
10.George 'Bullet' Williams - Touch Me Light Mama 2:46
11.Dutch Coleman and Red Whitehead - Booneville Stomp
12.Jed Davenport - How Long Blues
13.Ashley & Foster - East Virginia Blues
14.Crook Brothers - Goin' Cross the Sea
15.William McCoy - Just It
16.Gwen Foster - Wilkes County Blues
17.Jaybird Coleman - Man Trouble Blues
18.Salty Holmes - I Want My Mama
19.David McCarn - Gastonia Gallop
20.Leecan & Cooksey - Don't Let Your Heart Hang Down
21.Carver Brothers - Sisco Harmonica Blues
22.Sleepy John Estes - Down South Blues
23.Freeman Stowers - Medley of Blues


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