The Complete Brownie McGhee (1)

1.Picking My Tomatoes
2.Me And My Dog Blues
3.Born For Bad Luck
4.I'm Callin' Daisy
5.Step It Up And Go
6.My Barkin' Bulldog Blues
7.Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Baby
8.Prison Woman Blues
9.Back Door Stranger
10.Be Good To Me
11.Not Guilty Blues
12.Coal Miner Blues
13.Step It And Go No. 2
14.Money Spending Woman
15.Death Of Blind Boy Fuller #1
16.Death Of Blind Boy Fuller #2
17.Got To Find My Little Woman
18.I'm A Black Woman's Man #1
19.I'm A Black Womans' Man #2
20.Dealing With The Devil
21.Double Trouble #1
22.Double Trouble #2
23.Woman, I'm Done

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